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Legrand launches new line of switches and outlets, under-cabinet lighting, and wireless systems for the home as artful solutions for residential home market

WEST HARTFORD, Conn., Oct. 1, 2012 – Jonathan Ive changed the face of the home computer. Michael Graves helped us rethink the look of a teapot. Now Legrand is redefining the household light switch.

In the newest chapter in groundbreaking functional design, Legrand has launched adorne®, a distinctive collection of switches, dimmers, and outlets; wall plates; under-cabinet lighting; and wireless home systems for the residential architecture, design, and do-it-yourself consumer markets.

"Historically, consumers and designers haven’t given these products a second thought—if anything, they were more concerned with hiding them than with how they functioned or looked,” said Mario Gonzalez, vice president of marketing for the adorne Collection. “Legrand’s extensive U.S. market research, as well as our experience in European markets, tells us that consumers and the architectural and design community are ready for someone to rethink these product categories. That was the impetus for the adorne collection, which combines beautiful design, innovative functionality, simple installation, and easy customization for discerning homeowners and designers.”

Light Switches, Dimmers, Outlets, and Wall Plates
A key segment of the adorne collection is electrical products—switches, dimmers, and outlets—that feature a distinctive square design (versus the traditional rectangle or toggle). These products fit flush within the wall plates and eliminate the need for visible screws. The snap-in system fits in existing electrical boxes for fast and easy installation, perfect for remodeling projects.

Adorne also features an extensive selection of coordinating wall plates in 32 finishes, including cast metals, natural woods, leather, and an array of vibrant colors. The collection includes styles to fit any décor whether it’s traditional, eclectic, cottage, or contemporary.

“Our goal with this product segment is to help homeowners view switches and outlets – not as eyesores to work around – but as beautiful yet functional design features that complement their décor and elevate the style of any room,” said Gonzalez. “A perfect example—and a piece that we consider to be iconic in the collection—is the three-receptacle Pop-Out™ Outlet. It’s an elegant solution—simply pop it out when you need it, and push it back in so it fits flush to the wall with the outlets discreetly hidden when not in use.”

Light switches are available in seven unique interface designs, including a Touch™ Switch that uses touch screen technology to power lights on and off, a Wave™ Switch that turns lights on and off with the wave of a hand, and an energy-saving SensaSwitch™ that turns lights on and off when people enter and leave the room. Most interface
designs are available with complementary dimmers.

To help light the way at night, switches and dimmers feature convenient locator lights. Any adorne product can also be combined with the innovative Accent Nightlight, which provides a subtle wall wash and functions as an accent light during daylight hours and a nightlight after dark.

Under-Cabinet Lighting System
The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System consolidates lights, power, music, and mobile device docking options into a modular system that eliminates clutter and cord mess. The system is customizable with modular LED puck or linear lights, power outlets, USB ports, music systems, and mobile charging cradles, and is easy to reconfigure by simply relocating outlets, lights, and accessories as needs change.

A low-profile, under-cabinet track powers the modules and is available in three sizes. The track simply plugs into an existing outlet or can be installed with in-wall wiring to eliminate the need for a visible cord and outlet on the backsplash.

“The big benefit here is that we’ve cleaned up the kitchen counter and backsplash,” said Gonzalez. “We power everything from a single source eliminating the need for multiple outlets, a tangle of cords, and docking stations cluttering the counter. This is an elegant solution that no kitchen remodel should be without.”

Wireless Systems for the Home
Rounding out the collection are easy-to-install wireless systems for the home that
provide single-room or whole-home lighting control, music, and video intercom solutions.

“These systems require no re-wiring, yet they allow homeowners tremendous control over their home environment,” said Gonzalez. “That makes these products far less intimidating and more accessible to consumers who might not have considered a wireless home system in the past.”

• Wireless lighting controls allow users to control settings with a handheld remote or mobile device from any room in the house or when they are away from home. Users can create custom settings that will automatically dim lights or turn pre-selected lights on and off at the touch of a button.

• The Wi-Fi Music System connects to any wireless home network, allowing users to put speakers anywhere in the house and control them with a mobile device. Users can also pair multiple sets of speakers to create a whole-house music system as desired.

• The Video Intercom System includes a video door station with camera and doorbell and up to three indoor receiving units that can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on any wall in the house. The system allows homeowners to see and hear who is at the door and communicate throughout the house at the touch of a button.

Product Availability
Adorne switches, dimmers and outlets, wall plates and under-cabinet lighting is now available at select lighting showrooms and home improvement retailers throughout the eastern United States, California and other major U.S. markets. Adorne Wireless Systems for the Home will be in stores later this year. National distribution is planned for January 2013.

Additional Product Information and Images
Visit and click “Press Kits” for additional product information, product images and videos.

About Legrand
Legrand has been innovating brilliant solutions for the home for more than 100 years. As a global leader in creating inspired designs, Legrand improves the delivery and control of power, light, and technology to transform how people live. Employees take pride in developing bright ideas that delight the user—products that hit the sweet spot of emerging technology, seamless integration, and stunning beauty.

Headquartered in Limoges, France, Legrand reported sales of $5.7 billion in 2010. Legrand has a strong presence in North America, with a portfolio of well-known commercial and residential product lines that include Cablofil, Electrorack, On-Q, Ortronics, Pass & Seymour, Vantage, Watt Stopper and Wiremold. The adorne collection is the latest addition to the Legrand portfolio. The company is listed on NYSE Euronext and is a component stock of indexes including the SBF120, FTSE4Good, MSCI World, ASPI. In 2010, Legrand was added to the European DJSI as well (ISIN code FR0010307819). For more information, visit

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