You've never seen a nightlight that hides itself so cleverly, yet responds so elegantly to a simple touch. Or one that can be lifted from its home on your wall to double as a carry-around flashlight. When it comes to brilliant solutions, adorne really shines.

Accent Nightlight

A soft, glowing LED nightlight that shines below the wall plate, casting a warm light onto the wall. It's a stunning addition to any adorne product and is compatible with any 1-through 4-Gang wall plate. The device is invisible once installed, but can be activated by placing a finger under the wall plate. This will cause the light to cycle through several light level options: high, medium, low, ultra-low, off.

Accent Nightlight, 1-Gang
$21.83 USD
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Accent Nightlight, 2-Gang
$25.28 USD
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Accent Nightlight, 3-Gang
$29.88 USD
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Accent Nightlight, 4-Gang
$34.48 USD
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All nightlights include ambient light level sensors. Each features a range of settings, including: Always OFF, Low, Medium, and High. If set to Low, Medium, or High, the nightlight's LED will only be visible when the ambient room is dark. To change the selected setting, simply push on the sqaure in the upper right-hand corner of the nightlight.

Nightlight, Half-Size
$22.98 USD
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$20.68 USD
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Portable Nightlight / Flashlight
$51.73 USD
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Locator Light

Add a stylish, small locator light to your Paddle, Whisper, or Push switch or dimmer and you'll never again have to slide your hand across the wall trying to find that switch.

The locator light is a standard feature of all other switches and dimmers. It can be disabled if desired.

Locator light is on when the load is off and off when the load is on.

Locator Status Light
$4.58 USD
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