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The Unity Home System consolidates our most popular On-Q home technology products such as camera, intercom, multi-room audio and lighting control into one convenient, easy-to-install system. Unity and its components are available exclusively in the Studio design for a customizable look and feel that enhances the décor of any home.

The Unity Home System is your home technology command center. Camera and intercom systems ensure you’re never too far from your child's bedroom or the front door. Turn on the lights or play music in any, or every, room of your home. Check local weather and adjust the temperature with the push of a button. Explore the videos and demonstrations below to learn more about Unity’s impressive array of features and benefits.

Featured Literature

Unity Consumer Brochure

Our Unity Home System Consumer Brochure has been updated to include mobile support (including the ability to view live camera feeds), lighting, weather, and more, as well as a detailed look at our Studio Collection products. Click "View Details" to download.

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Unity Subsystems

Learn more about the systems you can control with Unity in this interactive Flash presentation.

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Unity 2.3 Home System Video

See why the Unity Home System is the perfect technology solution for the modern homeowner.

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Flash Demo

Experience Unity with this interactive demo of the LCD console.

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Introducing Unity 2.3

Unity 2.3 is a free software update that enables remote viewing of any video feed connected to Unity via a smartphone or tablet device. Homeowners can now check on the kids while out to dinner, keep an eye on the baby’s room from the basement, or periodically monitor their home during a long vacation, all with a few flicks of a finger. These innovative mobile features – which also include the ability to select and play music or adjust lighting levels – combine with Unity’s multi-room audio, intercom, and HVAC capabilities to create the ultimate integrated solution for any home.

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Mobile Access

Mobile access turns any web-enabled smartphone into a remote control for the Music, Player, Camera, and Lighting systems built into the Unity Home System. Using a smartphone or tablet device, customers can view live camera feeds, select and play music, adjust the volume, or control lighting levels in their home from anywhere.

Computer and tablet control

Controlling the Music, Camera, Player and Lighting features on the Unity Home System from a web browser is easy. Simply point and click to check cameras, change the music, adjust the volume, or regulate lighting levels.

Web Setup Video

Learn how to control Unity from a web browser in this simple and intuitive setup video.

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Learn how to configure, install and set up a fully integrated Cat-5 based home system by taking one of our training courses.

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