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Legrand’s Aisle Containment Solution Encloses Cisco’s NOC at Cisco Live 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017
Legrand’s newest modular aisle containment solution, Contain-IT™ FLEX, will be prominently featured in Cisco’s Network Operations Center at the Cisco Live trade show in Las Vegas, NV, from June 26 – 29th. Legrand worked closely with Cisco to understand their needs and built a unique cold-aisle solution with the standard Contain-IT FLEX components.

The solution, unlike traditional aisles where the containment spans across an aisle and two rows of cabinets, the Cisco NOC is only a single row of cabinets. Cisco will be utilizing in-row coolers so the containment was designed to contain the cold air and ensure it passes through the active equipment that is powering the show floor.

In addition to the containment, Legrand’s own copper and fiber connectivity solutions are also being used within the NOC, showcasing our wide product breadth.

If you’re at Cisco Live this year, be sure to stop by Cisco’s NOC at the back of the show floor to see our new containment in action and let us know what you think about the unique application by tweeting us, @Ortronics.

Amazon Echo Show Giveaway

Thursday, June 15, 2017
We’re giving away three new Amazon Echo Shows to Cisco Live attendees this year during the first three days of the show. However, we didn’t want to leave out those who are unable to attend this year. For those who are not attending the show, stay tuned to our Twitter feed during the week of the show (June 26th – 29th) to see how you can enter to win.

The new Amazon Echo Show is being released by Amazon on June 27th and is already able to be integrated with Legrand’s very own Radiant® RF lighting controls. To learn more about our RF Lighting, visit and to learn more about the Amazon Echo Show, visit

Legrand Lights up Cisco Live with Power-over-Ethernet Lighting Installation

Thursday, June 15, 2017
As part of Cisco’s Digital Building Ecosystem, Legrand will be demoing a live installation of PoE lighting in our booth, powered by Cisco’s new 8-port Building Series switch and enabled by Legrand’s connectivity and physical infrastructure solutions.

We have partnered up with Platformatics and Superior Essex, both Digital Building Ecosystem members, to light up our meeting space. Platformatics is providing the lighting control, both with their PoE nodes and software, while Superior Essex has provided us with the PowerWise 1G cable that runs from our switch to the lighting nodes. Visit our booth, #1329, at Cisco Live to learn more.

Legrand Introduces the All New Mighty Mo® 6 Enhanced Cable Management System

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Introducing the all new Mighty Mo 6® Enhanced Cable Management System. We have taken the platform that has been the most successful among all of the Mighty Mo management systems and made it even better. The all new Mighty Mo 6 blends the features and flexibility of the original, and adds increased cable management, easier assembly, and a fresh new look. When combined with the new Q-Series Vertical Manager, the Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced creates a value offering with the functionality of the Mighty Mo.


Discover more by visiting the Might Mo 6 Enhanced page HERE.

“Optical Industry Needs Automation”: Legrand’s Rudy Montgelas featured in EE Times

Thursday, May 18, 2017

EE Times ran a May 15 byline article on the direction of the optical industry authored by Legrand’s Rudy Montgelas, Senior Technologist, who is focused on fiber optic and IoT initiatives for our data communications division. EE Times is the leading publication of the global electronics industry.


Rudy recently attended the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) conference in Los Angeles, the world’s largest global fiber optics and optical communications conference. Many of the top technical optical scientists, companies, and experts attended the conference from around the world.


One of Rudy’s key takeaways from this year’s OFC was that the optical industry needs to automate. Noting the OFC keynote speech delivered by Google VP Urs Holzle, Rudy points out that the optical communications industry has, for many years, just been getting by with artisan techniques.


Times have changed, Rudy warns. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other Web giants are now driving the technology agenda in networking. If you’re a product supplier to these companies, according to Rudy, you are probably racing to keep up with their increasing demands. This means continuously producing a new class of optical technologies that will meet the enhanced requirements of a next-generation data center.


And this means…automation.


Read the rest of Rudy’s observations from OFC in EE Times here.