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Pass & Seymour PlugTail™ Cost Savings Calculator
Discover how much you can save in both dollars and man hours using Pass & Seymour PlugTail Wiring Devices instead of conventional wiring devices. With the simple cost savings comparator tool below, it's easy to see how your next commercial bid or design-build project quote can be as competitive as possible — and how Pass & Seymour PlugTail can help increase your profitability.

Please change items marked in Blue to appropriate values.
* Lower paid employees can be used at trim out.
** PlugTail installs at least 3 to 1 vs a Conventional Device.
*** Cost of Tail is $1.00. Talk to your representative for specific project pricing.

P&S PlugTail Cost Comparison to Conventional Wiring Device
  Conventional Device P&S PlugTail Device
Labor Rate/hr Labor Rate/hr *
Devices/hr Devices/hr **
Device Cost Device Cost ***
# of Devices to be installed # of Devices to be installed
Labor only: Labor Rate/Device Labor Rate/Device
Labor Only Total Cost Labor Only Total Cost
Labor Cost Savings with PlugTail
Device only: Device Only Total Cost Device Only Total Cost
Device Cost Savings with PlugTail
Device & Labor Labor & Item Cost per Device Labor and Item Cost per Device
Total $ Total $
Total Hours Total Hours
Total Cost Savings with PlugTail
  Total Time Savings with PlugTail