Wiremold® 400, 800 & 2300 Power-Rated Raceway


The 400, 800, and 2300 Series, from The Wiremold Company, is a family of single compartment raceways for communication or power applications ideal for use in classrooms, office, and hotel applications or anywhere a small low profile raceway is needed. The 2300D Nonmetallic Divided Raceway is for use when power and low voltage cabling is required in the same raceway.

Legrand Commercial Solutions

features & benefits

  • Single and dual compartment low profile raceway design.Provides functionality and flexibility with aesthetics for single or dual service applications.
  • Over-the-raceway box for 2300 and 2300D.Boxes mount over continuous run of raceway base eliminating the need to cut raceway when locating devices.
  • Quick Fit integral faceplate.Provides flush look and ease of installation. Eliminates the need for additional commercial faceplates.
  • Durable, textured PVC ivory or white finish.Blends with walls and ceilings. Consult factory for special colors.
  • Datacom connectivity options.Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point of use.
  • Accommodates communication and/or power wiring.Can be used for communications, computer lines, surveillance systems, fire alarms, outlets, and more.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.Saves time and labor costs. Standard 5' [1.525m] lengths can be easily installed by one person. Special lengths up to 10' [3.050m] are available.
  • FiberReady divided fittings. For use with 2300 and 2300D. Full capacity, aesthetically pleasing fittings provide 2" [51mm] bend radius.
  • Snap-on cover.Provides security with access to wiring for changes or additions.
  • Easy to cut.Use a hacksaw or shears to cut raceway which speeds installation.
  • Choice of raceway sizes with full line of fittings and accessories.Facilitates easy installation of wiring for whatever the job requires: communication devices, receptacles, switches, temperature controls, etc.
  • Ratings:UL 600V (UL5A), CSA 300V (CSA 22.2 No. 62-93).


General Info

  • Product Series: 400, 800, 2300
  • Component Type: Raceway Base & Cover

Technical Information

  • Material: Nonmetallic
  • Capacity: Single-Channel

Buy American Act Compliance

  • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • Buy American Act Status: Buy American Act Compliant


400BAC, 400BAC-WH

400 Raceway Base & Cover


Uniduct 2700 Series PVC Raceway Cutter


400 Wire Clip Fitting

406, 406-WH

400 Cover Clip Fitting

410B, 410B-WH

400 Blank End Fitting

411, 411-WH

400 Flat Elbow Fitting

415, 415-WH

400 Tee Fitting

417, 417-WH

400 Internal Elbow Fitting

418, 418-WH

400 External Elbow Fitting

810A2, 810A2-WH

400/800 Entrance End Fitting

800BAC, 800BAC-WH

800 Raceway Base & Cover


800 Wire Clip Fitting

806, 806-WH

800 Cover Clip Fitting

810B, 810B-WH

800 Blank End Fitting

811, 811-WH

800 Flat Elbow Fitting

815, 815-WH

800 Tee Fitting

817, 817-WH

800 Internal Elbow Fitting

818, 818-WH

800 External Elbow Fitting

889A, 889A-WH

800 Reducing Connector Fitting

2300BAC, 2300BAC-WH

2300 Raceway Base & Cover

2300BACD, 2300BACD-WH

2300 Divided Raceway Base & Cover


2300 Wire Clip Fitting

2306, 2306-WH

2300 Cover Clip Fitting

2310A, 2310A-WH

2300 Entrance End Fitting

2310B, 2310B-WH

2300 Blank End Fitting

2311, 2311-WH

2300 Flat Elbow Fitting

2315, 2315-WH

2300 Tee Fitting

2317, 2317-WH

2300 Internal Elbow Fitting

2318, 2318-WH

2300 External Elbow Fitting

2389, 2389-WH

2300 Reducing Connector Fitting

2389A, 2389A-WH

2300 Reducing Connector Fitting

2310DFO, 2310DFO-WH

2300 Radiused Divided Entrance End Fitting

2311DFO, 2311DFO-WH

2300 Radiused Divided Flat Elbow Fitting

2317DFO, 2317DFO-WH

2300 Radiused Divided Internal Elbow Fitting

2318DFO, 2318DFO-WH

2300 Radiused Divided External Elbow Fitting

2336, 2336-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Blank Cover

2337A, 2337A-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Round Box Extension Fitting

2338A, 2338A-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Fixture Box Fitting

2344, 2344-WH

400/800/2300/2300D One-Gang Extra Deep Device Box Fitting

2347, 2347-WH

400/800/2300/2300D One-Gang Device Box Fitting

2348, 2348-WH

400/800/2300/2300D One-Gang Deep Device Box Fitting

2348-2, 2348-2-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Two-Gang Deep Device Box Fitting

2348-3, 2348-3-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Three-Gang Deep Device Box Fitting

2348S/51, 2348S/51-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Shallow Device/Extension Box Fitting

2348AMP, 2348AMP-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Magnetic Deep Device Box Fitting

2348D, 2348D-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Extra Deep Device Box Fitting

2344D, 2344D-WH

400/800/2300/2300D Extra Deep Device Box Fitting

2344SD-2A, 2344SD-2AWH

400/800/2300/2300D Two-Gang Deep Divided Device Box Fitting

CM-MMB-231, CM-MMB-231-WH

400/800 One Insert Multimedia Box Fitting

CM-MMB-232, CM-MMB-232-WH

400/800/2300 Two Insert Multimedia Box Fitting

CM-MMB-233, CM-MMB-233-WH

400/800/2300 Three Insert Multimedia Box Fitting

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