Legrand believes in rewarding employees for their contributions and provides a compensation package that is internally fair and externally competitive.

Pay for Performance

Your salary or "Base Pay" is a key element of your compensation package. Each year following the performance review process, we review your salary and determine a salary increase based on your sustained performance, your level of competency in all aspects of your job, and your current salary level relative to market competitive salaries for your job. We review industry data to determine the market competitive salary levels and to establish annual merit increase percent guidelines.

In addition to Base Pay that is linked to individual performance, our Incentive Pay program provides an opportunity for Legrand employees to receive an annual incentive payment based on the overall financial performance of the Legrand organization.


Legrand offers a competitive benefits program with high quality health care options to meet individual needs, including choice of three different medical plans. Two are High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) options with Health Savings Account (HSA) tax advantages and availability and a more traditional PPO plan. The company also offers dental and vision coverage as well.

Legrand provides a generous retirement plan with an excellent 401(k) match. The company provides life and disability (both short and long term coverage) benefits at no cost to employees.

We are also pleased to provide great maternity benefits. Female employees who give birth to a child will receive up to 14 weeks of full pay. This is 4 weeks above the average for the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers! Some of Legrand brand companies have a similar or different maternity program.