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Combiner Boxes from Legrand - Comprehensive Solutions for Solar Installations

MASCOUTAH, Ill., October 21, 2011 - Legrand Combiner Boxes are designed to simplify solar array wiring and reduce on-site labor costs. No need to assemble multiple components, the CB Series is customized to fit the exact needs of your array with up to 36 PV string circuit capacity, 8 to 15 amp fuse options, and disconnects to fit small or large arrays. It is rated 1000VDC and is UL-1741 listed.

Delta Strut Rooftop Solar Array Supports

MASCOUTAH, Ill., October 21, 2011 - Delta StrutTM, from Legrand, is the only solar panel support system that integrates solar panel support framing and cable management into ONE support. The welded-wire, open structure design reduces wind drag and locates the cable pathway close to the panels, so cables are less likely to be damaged by wind and are shielded from direct sunlight. Also, there are no water or debris catch points that require future maintenance or cleaning.

FAS Rack Ground Mount PV Support System

MASCOUTAH, Ill., October 21, 2011 - FAS Rack from Legrand, is a new line of supports for ground-mounted photovoltaic arrays designed to meet the needs of a growing market for solar power generation in the US and Canada. FAS Rack speeds up the install process for utility-grade photovoltaic installations, reducing overall project costs. In many cases, on-site racking labor is reduced up to 75%.