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Electrorack launches Next-Generation Contain-IT™ Aisle Containment Solution

Anaheim, CA - November 15, 2012 - Electrorack, a pioneer in bringing one of the first aisle containment solutions to market, has recently launched comprehensive improvements to Contain-ITTM, the data center industry's preferred aisle containment solution.

"While every facility is unique and has its own challenges, they all have one thing in common," commented Todd Schneider, Electrorack's Director of Marketing. "They all want to achieve efficiencies in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our new Contain-IT solution helps our clients do just that. We've expanded the scope of our standard offering to cover almost any aisle containment configuration."

Contain-IT is the ideal aisle containment solution for new build-outs or to retrofit any existing installation, and helps maximize the efficiency of a facility's cooling equipment while reducing operational expenses. A result of years of collaboration with data center professionals, engineers, and systems integrators, the new comprehensive standard product offering includes sliding and swing doors, over-cabinet/aisle panels and ceiling panels.

The new Contain-IT aisle containment solution offers:

• Hot or cold aisle containment
• ROI typically achieved within 18 months
• Sliding or hinged/swing doors with auto-closing feature
• Cabinet-to-cabinet or cabinet-to-wall aisle solutions
• No thresholds on the doors allow equipment to move in and out
• Door height openings increase with cabinet size to avoid overhead obstruction
• Doors and door panels are painted to match cabinets
• Lightweight aluminum construction eases installation
• Over-cabinet and ceiling panels form a seal above the cabinets
• Fire-rated materials made of clear or twinwall polycarbonate
• Custom sizes to meet exact requirements

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