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Electrorack launches Data Center Solutions Brochure

Anaheim, CA – January 30, 2013 – Today's media rich, high bandwidth applications are exponentially increasing the amount of data that networks are expected to handle.  Correspondingly, heat and power densities are continuing the rise, demanding a new breed of approaches to support the overall data center ecosystem.

Electrorack's newly updated Data Center Solutions brochure highlights ways that you can address the issues of heat, power density, cable management, and external environmental factors by implementing critical physical support infrastructure and proper airflow management.  These solutions help expand capacity, increase energy efficiency, and lead your facility to significant cost savings.  Is your data center effectively prepared for the future?

Learn more in our brochure or visit our Data Center webpage. 

About Electrorack | A Group brand Legrand
Electrorack empowers next-generation facilities with the ability to address the issues of heat, power, scalability, and sustainability through fully-integrated enclosure engineering.  A never-obsolete, built-to-requirements approach delivers single-part number, pre-configured enclosures that cater to your specific site needs. Providing value, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency - that's The Power of e.