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New Connectivity Products Target High-Definition Market

Harrisburg, PA, July 31, 2008 - On-Q/Legrand, the leader in home systems, today released three new pre-configured connectivity products that simplify high-definition flat panel video display and home theater installations. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Two-Port Coupler, Component Video/Digital Audio (CVDA) and Cable Access Straps provide clean and elegant solutions to video installations, replacing the cluttered, unfinished look of multiple/large connectors and hanging cables.

The HDMI Two-Port Coupler hides an HDMI cable behind the wall, resulting in a polished, professional video installation with no visible cables, which is especially important in new home constructions where its most apparent. The HDMI strap also includes two keystone ports that can support the coax or data needs of home theater installs.

HDMI installs can be problematic for custom installers whose customers experience viewing problems attributed to HDMI's copyright protection schemes. The CVDA strap diminishes those problems and simplifies installation and setup of high-definition quality video by replacing four coaxial video cables with a single Cat 5e cable. By using two CVDA straps, the homeowner gets high-definition 1080i video as well as 5.1 audio support in a clean installation.

Home theater installations frequently require multiple connectors, which appear bulky and unattractive. To keep the installation simple and easy to manage, On-Q/Legrand developed the Cable Access Strap. The strap features a pair of brushes which hide the opening in the wall, while allowing multiple cables to be brought through.

"Our new HD connectivity products simplify and standardize the installation of a home theater," says Bill Bruggemeier, On-Q Connectivity Product Manager. "As part of a larger

launch of connectors, mounting options and wall plates, these products support our continuing efforts to deliver a comprehensive connectivity offering."

All of the products are decorator strap-based, making them seamlessly compatible with any of On-Q's home theater solutions. The HDMI Two-Port and Component Video/Digital Audio Straps are available now. The Cable Access Strap will be available in early August.

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