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On-Q/Legrand Launches Power Product Line to Organize the Enclosure

Harrisburg, PA, July 22, 2008 - On-Q/Legrand, the leader in home systems, announced today the release of a new line of power distribution products delivering up to 240 watts of power. The company's recently released home systems modules also all support 24 volt power, creating a standard for the company's product offering. By standardizing power, an installer can stock and carry fewer power supplies, which simplifies installation and saves time and money. In addition, new stackable brackets and custom power strips free up space and reduce clutter in the enclosure.

The product launch includes two power supplies, two kits, and a multi-output power distribution module. Individual supplies are available in 30 W and 60 W to support the majority of the On-Q product line. For more demanding applications, the company is introducing kits with two and four power supplies each, combined with stackable brackets and custom strips. Stackable brackets allow an installer to arrange power supplies neatly on top of each other in the enclosure. Custom power strips manage power cords easily by limiting the number of cords leading to the outlet.

For the higher-end market, custom and semi-custom home installations with multiple home systems will benefit from the new Universal Power Distribution Module. The module is powered by a single 60 W supply and features three 12 V ports, three 24 V ports, and two selectable ports from 5 V up to 15 V. With the addition of the Power Distribution Module, an installer can use one 60 W power supply to deliver 60 W of power to multiple modules. By combining a stackable bracket with the module, the installer saves both space and the expense of additional power supplies. The power distribution module features three LED lights to show the status of the unit. LED lights indicate whether the module is connected, when maximum power is reached and offer over-current protection. The Universal Power Distribution Module ships with a 60 W 24 V 2.5 A power supply and six DC power cords.
"Simplifying the installation process for our installers is one of our main goals, evidenced by our new streamlined group of products that deliver 24 V standardized power," explained Benjamin Nicklin, product manager."Most of our new home systems modules accept 24 V power, and these products complement that capability while managing the components and cables in the enclosure."
Individual power supplies are available now and the kits and the power distribution module are scheduled to follow in August and September respectfully.

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