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On-Q/Legrand Responds to Needs of Installers

Harrisburg, PA, July 15, 2008 - On-Q/Legrand, the leader in home systems, announced today the launch of its new line of enclosures designed specifically for the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) markets.

FTTH is quickly becoming the preferred architecture for delivering high-bandwidth services such as high-definition television (HDTV), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and high-speed Internet to single family homes. Consequently, MDUs are demanding the same technology to remain competitive.

In response to this need, On-Q/Legrand expanded its line of enclosures to accommodate the unique requirements of the FTTH and MDU installer. The new design allows providers and installers to hook conduits to the top and the bottom of the enclosure, to separate their terminal equipment (ONT) and battery backup from the home infrastructure, and to drive cable from one enclosure to the other. The new features include:

  • new top and bottom end caps
  • five double-concentric knock-outs on top
  • one double-concentric knock-out and one 1-inch knock-out on bottom
  • two top and bottom concentric knock-outs align
  • four sizes: 14-inch, 20-inch, 28-inch and 42-inch

"FTTH and MDU applications have specific requirements that differ from residential enclosures for home systems," explains Benjamin Nicklin, On-Q product manager. "With these redesigned enclosures, we've resolved the issues that providers and installers voiced when using our traditional enclosures for these applications, making the process more efficient overall."

For the FTTH market, providers benefit from areas on the top and bottom of the enclosure that allow them to place their fiber through a conduit quickly and accurately. Since providers require a separate enclosure to house their terminal equipment, knock-outs line up between enclosures for reliable stacking and connection of the two systems.

Installers in the MDU market face challenging space requirements and building codes. To satisfy these needs, the new On-Q enclosures accommodate up to five conduits which can each be dedicated to specific data, video, and telephone applications. They also enable room for the ONT and battery backups and allow cables to be run from one enclosure to another. "The MDU market has the same needs for high-speed internet, HDTV and high-bandwidth applications as residential single-family homes," says B.Nicklin. "These enclosures are just part of an exciting initiative that On-Q/Legrand is embarking on with our sister company Ortronics/Legrand to provide a whole end-to-end MDU solution."

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