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Legrand is Now Shipping the New On-Q Unity Home System

The Unity Home System raises the bar for must-have technology in the production home market

Nov. 3, 2009 – The Home Systems Division of Legrand has officially announced that the On-Q Unity Home System is now available and shipping.  The newest addition to the Studio Collection, the Unity Home System combines three popular stand-alone systems – multi-room audio, intercom, and camera – to produce one integrated home system that’s easily controlled via an attractive user interface.  Built on the plug-and-play functionality for which On-Q is known, Unity is available at a surprisingly affordable price, and is the first system of its kind in the production home market.

“Technology in the home has never been more critical, and the Unity Home System combines the systems our customers want the most,” said Barry Dobb, owner of Today’s Home and Leisure installations in Mechanicsburg, PA.  “We’ve been pre-wiring some of our most tech-savvy homes in preparation for the shipping of Unity.”

The Unity Home System is the newest component of the Studio Collection – a group of products inspired by color and design trends from around the world.  These products combine innovative functionality with elegant design to create home systems that bring enhanced value to the homeowner through increased convenience and attractive design.  The Unity Home System integrates the components of the Studio Collection to form the ultimate home system.

“The Unity Home System represents the first time homebuyers in the production market will have an option for affordable integrated home technology,” said Dave Hanchette, vice president of marketing for the Home Systems Division of Legrand, North America.  “There is a lot of excitement among our installers who are anxious to offer this system to homeowners.  Unity offers the best of everything: innovative functionality, stylish design, and an attractive user interface that’s roughly 50 percent of the cost of most other user interfaces on the market.  It’s changing the way people think about home technology.”

Unity is comprised of two key pieces – the Integration Module and an LCD Console.  While the Integration Module houses the “brains” behind the system, the LCD is the primary part of Unity with which a homeowner would interact.  It includes an easy-to-use but powerful graphical user interface (GUI) which enables control of their home system – intercom, audio, and camera – at the touch of a button.  The GUI is displayed on a high performance screen and operates similar to a cell phone or iPod, with simple, menu-driven navigation.  In addition, Unity allows users to listen to digital music from a networked computer without any custom hardware, and enables the display of metadata like album artwork on the LCD screen.

The Integration Module includes convenient RJ45 connections for audio, intercom, and camera systems. It not only facilitates direct connection between these systems, but it also enhances the existing systems to deliver additional functionality.  For example, when the Selective Call Intercom system is connected to the Integration Module, users are able to leave messages for family members in select rooms, or set up alarms and wake up calls throughout the house or in specific rooms.  Unity also enables the intercom system to work with the On-Q camera system to perform automatic camera viewing via the LCD screen when the door button is pressed.

A typical Unity system would include four rooms of intercom, four zones of audio, and one camera.  It would also include one LCD Console or TV Display Interface, both of which enable convenient system interaction via graphical user interfaces.  This standard system can also be expanded to accommodate a system of up to 32 rooms of intercom, eight zones of audio, four cameras, and eight LCD Consoles or TV Display Interfaces.

Based on standard Cat 5 wiring, Unity is surprisingly easy to install.  It features RJ45 connections and does not require complicated programming like higher-end home automation systems.  Instead, it uses On-Q’s plug-and-play functionality to enable easy, one-person installation and provide significant time and cost savings for the installer.

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