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Legrand Introduces Universal Dock for lyriQ Multi-Room Audio Systems

Charge & Play Kit Adds Audio Integration, Portable Device Charger, And More

Charge & Play Kit Adds Audio Integration, Portable Device Charger, And More

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, September 6, 2011 – Legrand, the leader in home automation, announced today the addition of the iPod Charge & Play Kit to its lyriQ line of multi-room audio products. The Charge & Play Kit replaces and expands upon the functionality of the existing lyriQ system, providing not only stereo RCA inputs (along with an included six-foot headphone-to-RCA adapter cable), but a Type A USB port as well for use with a broad range of portable media players and smartphones.

A single RJ45 port on the back of the wall-mounted input provides a simple connection back to the home’s distribution module, for easy integration with lyriQ Multi-Room Audio Systems via Cat 5.

In addition to providing a purer audio connection for compatible devices, the front-panel USB port also provides 5 watts of power for charging (via the device’s own USB cable). And even when docked via USB, users still maintain complete control of their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or other portable media source, right from the palm of their hands.

For a less hands-on solution, though, the Charge & Play Kit also comes with a universal desktop stand, designed to accommodate a range of devices ranging in size from smartphones to iPads.

“Rather than limiting users to a specific family of portable media players,” said Dave Hanchette, vice president of marketing for the Home Systems Division of Legrand, North America, “our docking solution allows you to tap a vast array of handheld—and not-so-handheld—devices into our lyriQ family of distributed audio systems, from laptop computers and older MP3 players to the latest Android and iOS devices: virtually any source with a USB or headphone output can quickly and easily be plugged into the whole-home sound system.”

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