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Intuity Adds Functionality, Greater Z-Wave Range and New User Interface

DALLAS, October 15, 2015 – Giving installers and builders more reasons to employ its recently launched Intuity home automation platform, Legrand has announced Intuity 2.0, new firmware which adds four new partners to the Intuity product suite, including Nest thermostats, garage door openers from Linear, Schlage locksets, and Aeotec’s Z-Wave Range Extender for more coverage. The new firmware also includes a new graphical user interface, which remains consistent in appearance across all control devices for improved performance.

“It’s paramount for our installers, builders and end-users that we provide the most satisfying user experience,” said Fritz Werder, VP and general manager of Legrand’s On-Q and Nuvo lines. “Maximizing that experience from the standpoint of being able to offer control of the specific devices a user wants, and ensuring that access is simple and reliable, is exactly what we’re doing with Intuity.”

Intuity, part of Legrand’s On-Q product line, already supports locksets from Kwikset and Yale, HVAC thermostats from Honeywell and Trane, and home security systems from Honeywell and GE/Interlogix. The new firmware, coming quickly on the heels of Intuity’s July introduction, adds two models of Schlage Connect Locksets: Z-Wave Models FE599 and BE469; two models of Nest Thermostats: B16 Models T200577 (gen 2) and T3007ES (gen 3); and its first compatible garage door opener: Linear’s Z-Wave Interface model GD00Z-4. And to ensure a robust signal is available to serve the Z-Wave components, an Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender (model 1AEDSD37ZWUS) has been certified for use with the home automation platform.

Adding more third-party options to Intuity is a priority, according to Werder. “We want to ensure our installers have maximum flexibility in meeting their customers’ needs, and we’ll continue to work diligently to do so.”

Intuity will also be sporting a new user interface, one that was seen in the initial images of the system when it was introduced in July.

In early November, Intuity systems will begin shipping with the new 2.0 software already loaded. For systems that have already shipped, users will be automatically notified of the update and be able to accept it immediately. Additionally a corresponding app update is required.

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New Intuity Z-Wave Components

Nest Thermostat with Intuity GUI

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