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Ortronics/Legrand Offers Connected Living Solutions for the Multi-Dwelling Home

New London, CT, January 11, 2008 - Ortronics/Legrand, a global leader in high performance structured cabling solutions, is now offering On-Q home systems for multi-dwelling homes, such as apartments, condos, townhouses, and planned communities. Ortronics MDU Solutions combine their industry-leading structured cabling solutions with the innovative home systems from On-Q/Legrand to meet the communication and entertainment needs of the modern, connected lifestyle.

The combination of Ortronics structured cabling solutions with On-Q home systems provides every element for integrated end-to-end solutions from the building entrance to the outlet in the home. Ortronics connectivity and cable management solutions allow flexible, high performance solutions in the backbone to deliver services to individual units, while On-Q home systems connect audio, video, phones, and Internet for the ultimate in lifestyle convenience and control.

Ortronics and On-Q high performance MDU solutions distribute and manage audio, video and data (copper and fiber) with more bandwidth, more flexibility and more capabilities, including voice, high-speed Internet access (wired or wireless), surround-sound home theater, online gaming, music piped throughout the home, and telecommuting from a high-tech home office. These amenities increase the lifestyle value of the multi-dwelling unit and are sure to attract and retain residents who have come to expect these benefits.