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Ortronics/Legrand Introduces New Bonding and Grounding Solutions

New London, CT, September 2, 2008 – Ortronics/Legrand, a global leader in high performance copper, fiber and wireless structured cabling solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of Ortronics new Bonding and Grounding product line.

Proper bonding and grounding is crucial to the performance and safety of sensitive network equipment and for maximizing personal protection. Metallic components included in the infrastructure (i.e. equipment racks, enclosures, cable runway, etc.) must be bonded to the grounding system. Ortronics Bonding and Grounding solutions provide a comprehensive line of products for a uniform telecommunications bonding and grounding infrastructure. They are UL listed and meet ANSI-J-STD-607-A standards.

This new addition to the Ortronics portfolio rounds out an already comprehensive offering of network infrastructure solutions that encompass copper, fiber optic, and wireless connectivity as well as physical support solutions, including cable