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Ortronics/Legrand Introduces New Category 6A Shielded Patch Panels

New London, CT, April 30, 2009 - Ortronics/Legrand, a global leader in high performance copper, fiber and wireless structured cabling solutions, is pleased to introduce a new line of Category 6A shielded patch panels. Ortronics shielded keystone jack panels provide Cat 6A/10G performance with a rugged cast-encased rear loading shielded jack and utilize an innovative tool-less termination process.

These new Ortronics panels utilize rear loading jacks that can be terminated without the need of special tools, offering quick and reliable installation of FTP/shielded cable. The installer-friendly wire lacing feature maintains pair geometry and limits untwisting of pairs and includes a wiring diagram. By closing the jack housing fully, the lacing cap is seated onto the jack insulation displacement contacts (IDCs), terminating all four cable pairs at the same time. The insulation displacement contacts on these jacks support termination of 22-24 AWG solid conductors. The rugged die cast metal construction of the panels creates an integral shield and provides 360 degree coverage, while a supplied cable clamp enables fast, secure and reliable shield/ground wire connections.

Ortronics shielded patch panels are available in flat and angled configurations, with 24 or 48 ports. Shielded keystone jacks are grounded to the patch panels through the body of the jack once they are snapped into the back of the panel and require no additional individual grounding. Panels are supplied with a matching number of reusable keystone FTP jacks, rear cable management and grounding wire lugs. These grounding lugs provide the grounding point for attaching the panel to the cabling system ground bus.

The panels feature universal T568A/B wiring and support preferred termination practices. In addition, Ortronics shielded patch panels are RoHS compliant and meet all lead-free requirements. For more information about Ortronics new Category 6A shielded patch panels, please contact your Ortronics sales representative or visit the Ortronics web site at