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Contractor Productivity is the Focus for Legrand at NECA

BOSTON, Mass., (Oct. 3, 2010) – Legrand, the global specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, is sending a simple message to contractors at the 2010 NECA Convention: higher productivity lets electrical contractors be more competitive and more profitable.

Three of the company’s working brands – Pass & Seymour, Wiremold, and Cablofil – have developed innovative solutions designed to work together, maximizing efficiency and reducing risk on every commercial project. The exhibition booth will feature “Riskbusters,” an interactive presentation by “Mythbusters” impressionists, demonstrating how various Legrand product solutions reduce or eliminate many jobsite risks.

“Today’s contractors are facing major challenges: compressed timelines, high labor costs, skill-level issues, budget overruns, and overarching economic problems that have increased competition for fewer new projects,” said Don Torrant, Director of Marketing Communications for the Electrical Wiring Systems division at Legrand. “Our solutions save time, work together and apply to any commercial project, so contractors don’t have to worry as much about the variability of labor costs. Excess materials can be used for other projects or returned for credit, but excess labor costs can’t be regained.”

Legrand is featuring several key products and systems at the show which allow contractors to shift high-risk labor dollars to low-risk materials dollars. These include Titan™ Series Dimmers from Pass & Seymour, PlugTail™ Wiring Devices from Pass & Seymour®, Wiremold® Prewired Raceway, Wiremold Evolution™ Poke-thru Devices, Cablofil® Wire Mesh Cable Tray, FAS Power and Prefabricated Wiring Assemblies.

Titan Dimmers offer a cover plate system that lets installers build a screwless multi-gang faceplate in any desired configuration – no more separate box installations or costly multi-gang plates. A high-end voltage adjustment feature reduces the “at full” voltage without compromising the slider’s dimming range.

White Titan Dimmers save time and money, P&S PlugTail has revolutionized the installer’s job with fast, worry-free installations. PlugTail simply snaps to the back connector in less than a fourth of the time it takes to back-wire a switch or outlet.  It offers tight connections that eliminate the risk of callbacks.

Similar to the time savings of P&S PlugTail, traditional raceway can take three times longer to install than pre-assembled raceway.  Wiremold Prewired Raceway is a factory-assembled system that streamlines installation to help keep jobs on time and on budget.  Installers never have to deal with assembling parts and pieces on site again.

Wiremold Evolution Poke-thru devices offer greater capacity and a streamlined look, keeping plugs and outlets recessed below the floor. Installers can get the same capacity in one 8-inch device as that of two traditional 6-inch devices.

Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray and FAS Power wiring assemblies further reduce labor intensity on jobs. Wire Mesh Cable Tray’s EDRN offers the fastest splice in the industry, saving time and money. All sweeps and bends can be field fabricated, and the patented Fast Assembly System makes it easy to secure a section. Simply bend over the locking tab – no nuts or bolts are needed! 

Similarly, Cablofil FAS Power wiring assemblies are prefabricated, reducing labor costs by at least 50 percent. A handy configurator makes it easy for installers to custom design the wiring assemblies needed, and they can email the file to themselves when it’s complete. There’s even an iPad app for it!

Legrand’s product solutions offer significant time savings on the job, while its online spec tools allow users to pick and choose all the elements and options for the job with a few simple clicks; then by hitting “submit” it generates an approved spec in seconds.

These automated specs provide the up-to-date info job engineers need, freeing up time for other key tasks. For more information about any of the Legrand product offerings, contact your representative or visit


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