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WattStopper’s “Switch to Digital” program helps contractors quickly and easily address new energy code requirements

Switch to Digital

SANTA CLARA, CA March 2012 - WattStopper has launched "Switch to Digital," a new program focused on providing complete Digital Lighting Management (DLM) solutions for contractors as they begin to encounter complex new energy code requirements. The program includes two new prepackaged lighting control kits with all the DLM components needed to provide advanced code-compliant lighting control for rooms with one or two lighting loads. The easy-to-install DLM occupancy-based controls automatically self-configure to provide the most energy efficient sequence of operation as soon as the components are plugged together. Contractors can now reduce installation time and eliminate labor risk on commercial lighting retrofit and new construction projects with these innovative, off-the-shelf control solutions available from electrical distributors nationwide.

Dubbed "Switch to Digital" to highlight the benefits of DLM, WattStopper's new program includes the two "room in a box" kits, as well as a brochure, videos, and a toolbag demo. These tools help contractors recognize the practical advantages of selecting digital lighting controls that are easy to use, yet capable of automatically providing more complex, code-mandated sequences of operation. Each DLM kit comprises a room controller, dual technology ceiling mount occupancy sensor, a switch for manual control and two pre-terminated cables.
Contractors simply plug the controls together using the two cables, which eliminate the need for time-consuming low voltage wiring connections. Once the controls are installed, patented Plug n' Go automatic configuration ensures that they work right out of the box, without any setup or commissioning.

The single load kit, the LMKT-101, automatically configures for manual-on/automatic-off control, providing 20-30% greater energy savings than automatic on/off and compliance with provisions of the latest code revisions including ASHRAE 90.1-2010. The two load bi-level kit, the LMKT-102, defaults to automatic-on/automatic-off for one load, and manual-on/automatic-off for the second load. This sequence of operation further increases savings, reducing energy use by 52% more than traditional automatic on/off controls and is compliant with requirements in California Title-24, IECC 2012 and ASHRAE 90.1-2010.

Additional components are also available to customize and expand DLM kits to meet the control objectives of more complex applications. A handheld wireless configuration tool permits convenient, ladder-free adjustment, and additional digital room controllers, sensors, switches and cables may be incorporated to control extra loads.

By combining superior energy savings and predictable installation, Digital Lighting Management provides the fastest, easiest and best commercial lighting control solutions for contractors and building owners alike. WattStopper's Switch to Digital solutions provide superior ROI when compared to automatic on/off controls, and traditional analog controls that typically take twice as long to install. 


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