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A message from John Selldorff on the COVID-19 virus and what LNCA is doing in response.
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Versatile Round Floor Box for Raised Floor and Platform Applications

Wiremold/Legrand has introduced a round raised floor box that combines ease of installation with flexible configuration for power, data, and audio/visual applications. The FloorSource™ CRFB Series Floor Box fits into a standard raised floor air diffuser opening, providing easy access to recessed devices. In addition

How to Hide Flat Screen TV Cables

That new flat screen TV is going to provide great entertainment, but what about all those wires and cables? You can't leave them hanging there in an ugly tangle. But fishing cables through the wall can be tricky at best and impossible if the wall is brick or concrete, such as in a basement room. Apartment

Power Distribution Units for High-Demand Data Center Equipment

Wiremold/Legrand offers power distribution units (PDUs) with the high capacity to meet the increasing power requirements of data centers. Power Commander® Plus Power Distribution Units provide reliable high-density power distribution for IT equipment racks, cabinets, and enclosures.

Fire-Classified Floor Boxes

Wiremold/Legrand has introduced fire-classified metal and nonmetallic floor boxes that preserve the fire rating of a concrete slab without spraying on additional insulating material. These first-in-the-industry boxes are fire-classified assemblies that are UL® tested and shown not to impact a floor's fire rating. They eliminate

High-Capacity Poke-Thru Devices

Wiremold/Legrand introduces high-capacity, fully recessed poke-thru devices, including the highest capacity poke-thru on the market. Evolution™ Series poke-thru devices offer a truly flush, all-metal cover assembly that allows easy device access with unique spring-loaded slide cable egress doors. These