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High-Capacity Poke-Thru Devices

Wiremold/Legrand introduces high-capacity, fully recessed poke-thru devices, including the highest capacity poke-thru on the market. Evolution™ Series poke-thru devices offer a truly flush, all-metal cover assembly that allows easy device access with unique spring-loaded slide cable egress doors. These UL® fire classified products maintain the fire rating of the floor slab for up to two hours, and feature TopGuard® protection to meet scrub water exclusion standards.

While most poke-thru devices are installed in 3" or 4" diameter core-drilled holes, Evolution Series poke-thru devices use 6" and 8" holes. These larger holes not only afford more space for receptacles and activations, but they also allow the entire device to be recessed below the finished floor level for maximum protection and longevity. This feature, in turn, permits new cover designs that are truly flush with wood and tile floors.

The Evolution 8AT Series device uses an 8" core hole and provides up to four gangs of power, communication, and/or A/V capability, doubling the capacity of the largest poke-thru device currently offered by any manufacturer. The 6AT series is designed for a 6" core hole and provides up to two-and-one-half gangs of power, communication, and/or A/V capability. The 6AT Series is also available as furniture feed device, which offers a ¾" trade size conduit opening for power and a 2" / 1-1/4" concentric trade size conduit opening for communications.

These are open system devices for both power and communications. They accept a wide variety of receptacles, including hospital grade duplex, as well as industry-standard communications and A/V devices from various manufacturers, including Extron® Electronics AAP and MAAP series. Evolution 6AT and 8AT Series devices are also available prewired with factory installed receptacles for faster installation.

A solid, all-metal cover assembly features two unique spring-loaded slide cable egress doors. These provide convenient access without using flip lids or doors that can break or create a trip hazard. These new covers are available in standard finishes of brass, gray, black, nickel and bronze, offering a wider range of aesthetic options.