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How to Hide Flat Screen TV Cables

That new flat screen TV is going to provide great entertainment, but what about all those wires and cables? You can't leave them hanging there in an ugly tangle. But fishing cables through the wall can be tricky at best and impossible if the wall is brick or concrete, such as in a basement room. Apartment renters are typically prohibited from cutting into the wall. The Wiremold® Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit is a convenient, attractive solution that keeps cables fully protected and out of sight – without special tools or wiring expertise.

The Wiremold Flat Screen Cord Cover Kit hides cables from a wall-mounted TV in a low-profile channel that provides ample room for all associated cables. The 4-ft. long base and cover are easily cut to length to span the space between the screen and the rack, cabinet, or table that holds the system's electronic components. The cover is easy to install, with pre-drilled holes in the base. Wall anchors and screws are included in the kit.

The cover can be painted to match the wall, using the same latex paint. The snap-on cover can be removed if cables need to be added in the future. The Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit is available at major electronics retailers, home centers, and hardware stores.

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