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Zone Cable Management Enclosures

Wiremold/Legrand has broadened its offering of cable management solutions to include integrated zone cabling enclosures. Coupled with offerings from Ortronics/Legrand and Cablofil/Legrand, the Legrand brands offer a robust portfolio of solutions for data centers and IT infrastructures.

Under a sales and marketing agreement with American Access Technologies, Wiremold/Legrand provides enclosures that save space and increase flexibility by providing connectivity in drop ceiling or raised floor applications. These enclosures are plenum rated by UL and may be used in environmental air spaces.

Providing connectivity in a drop ceiling or raised floor not only conserves valuable space, but may provide the added benefit of reducing cooling requirements in potentially crowded equipment and data control rooms by moving active equipment to alternate sites. Further, deploying a zone cabling architecture, which integrates a remote consolidation point or zone enclosure reduces costs associated with moves, adds and changes over the lifetime of an installation.

The new raised floor enclosures integrate into a standard 2’ x 2’ floor tile grid. Three styles are available to meet a range of customer requirements: a passive enclosure for voice and network wiring blocks, a passive enclosure for data network patch panels, and an active enclosure for housing active equipment plus voice and data connectivity. Ceiling enclosures are designed for integrating into standard drop ceiling openings. Like the floor enclosures, these are available for passive and active voice and data network applications.

These enclosures accept Ortronics® patch panels, as well as a wide variety of other panels and wiring blocks for copper and fiber applications. Raised floor enclosures complement Legrand's offering of raised floor system components, including standard and air-tight floor boxes, the Walkerflex® modular wiring system, and Cablofil® wire basket cable tray. They also complement Ortronics Mighty Mo® cable management systems and overhead cable pathway racks, and fiber and copper connectivity.

Wiremold/Legrand has also expanded its line of wireless access point enclosures with additional offerings from American Access Technologies, including enclosures for drop ceilings that support a wide selection of wireless access points and are plenum rated for use in environmental airspaces.