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The Holidays Mean More Gadgets and Appliances to Plug In

Do-it-yourself Plugmold<sup>&reg;</sup> multi-outlet strips for kitchen, workshop, or anywhere you need more outlets
WEST HARTFORD, Conn., November 14, 2013 – It seems that there are never enough power outlets – at least not where they’re needed the most. This is true in kitchens with the ever-growing number of plug-in appliances and gadgets—especially during the holidays. Other rooms where outlet shortages are common include entertainment centers, workshops, home offices, and garages. Fortunately, adding outlets is an easy do-it-yourself project, thanks to Plugmold® multi-outlet strips from Legrand.  

Legrand Launches Integrated Cable Management

InteGreat<sup>TM</sup> solutions bring something new to the table
WEST HARTFORD, Conn., November 5, 2013 – Legrand has introduced a family of Wiremold® products that make meeting rooms more efficient. InteGreat™ Series products have built-in flexible cable management and are designed to Integrate with each other and with the building infrastructure as a single system to manage cabling over the “last meter” to the work surface.  

Cable Management Box Organizes and Protects Wires and Cables

Do-it-yourself upgrade for entertainment centers and home offices
WEST HARTFORD, Conn., October 16, 2013 – The problem with the wires and cables associated with home offices and entertainment centers is that the cords are usually longer than they need to be. This results in an unsightly “spaghetti mess” underfoot that can be difficult to tame. Legrand Home Entertainment Boxes are a do-it-yourself solution that gets cords off the floor, neatly organized, and routed to their components. One version even provides built-in surge protection.

Plugmold Multi-outlet Systems Available with GFCI or USB Charging

New units feature tamper-resistant receptacles
WEST HARTFORD, Conn., October 2, 2013 – Legrand has introduced two new Plugmold® multi-outlet systems. One new unit offers convenient USB charging along with multiple outlets. The other provides integral GFCI protection to every outlet. Designed for commercial, institutional and residential applications, both new Wiremold® systems feature tamper-resistant receptacles with a patented shutter system that prevents improper insertion of foreign objects.

Easy-to-Install Chargers Power up Electronic Devices, Clean up Messes

Wall-mounted units provide both outlet and USB charging
WEST HARTFORD, Conn., September 18, 2013– Mobile phones, tablets, music players and other devices are wonderful conveniences but keeping them powered up, organized, and easy to find creates a jumble of chargers, a messy tangle of cords, and an unsightly spot that tends to attract other “stuff.” Legrand has a solution that anyone can install in minutes to increase the number of devices that can be charged at the same time, direct from a power outlet or by USB.