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Legrand’s Corporate Social Responsibility Media Spotlight

Acknowledgements of Legrand Sustainability Efforts

Legrand is proud to have our commitment to sustainability acknowledged through various journal and magazine articles and other media outlets. We hope you'll enjoy browsing the headlines below and encourage you to click through to read the full articles.


- Legrand Red Cross Donation, LightED, 1/19

- Legrand Trends in Human Centric Lighting, FacilitiesNet,LEDs MagazineHealthcare FacilitiesToday, 1/19
- Building and Control Trends in 2019, Cabling Installation & Maintenance, 2/19
- Powder Coat Line Announcement, tED MagazineWest Hartford.comRetrofit, 4/19
LP50 Membership AnnouncementElectrical Contractor, 5/19
CSR Roadmap AnnouncementElectrical Industry Canada, 5/19 
LP50 Membership AnnouncementConstruction Business OwnerSound & Video ContractorAV NetworktED MagazineHealthcare Facilities TodayElectrical News, 5/19
The Importance of Sustainable Buildings Op EdNew England Real Estate Journal, 5/19 
National Rebuilding Day AnnouncementtED MagazineRetrofit 5/19
Energy Efficiency Considerations for Building OwnersElectrical Contractor, 5/19 
Energy Code ConsiderationsIMark Magazine6/19
Alliance to Save Energy Global Efficiency Coalition AnnouncementEnergy Manager Today6/19
IoT Partner Program AnnouncementGreenbiz6/19
Legrand Better Communities AnnouncementSystems Contractor News6/19
Sustainable Practices for Your Business AnnouncementUSGBC6/19
- All Hubs Initiative, Retrofit, 6/19
- Human Centric Lighting in Healthcare Environments, Healthcare Construction + Operations, 7/19