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Innovative Lighting Controls & Charging Solutions

Switches that dim. Outlets that pop. Lighting that responds to the tap of a smartphone. The adorne collection by Legrand combines the world's most innovative light switches and charging solutions with an array of stylish and custom finishes. From ordinary to extraordinary, inside and out - welcome to a brighter home.


Explore how the adorne collection can transform lighting and outlets into the smartest solutions in your home.


Hit the lights. Or don't. Make life brighter with just the push, touch, wave or tap of a button.
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Take the hassle out of plugging in with USB-compatible, Wi-Fi ready and Pop-Out outlet options.
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Flip, touch, tap or take advantage of motion-sensor technology for an unprecedented level of control.
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Wall Plates

Blend in. Stand out. Whatever your style, pair switches and outlets with a wall plate to match.
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Wi-Fi Lighting

At home or away, control every aspect of your lighting solutions easily from your smartphone.
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Under-Cabinet Lighting

De-clutter counter tops with under-cabinet modules from smartphone docks to lights and outlets.
Under Cabinet Lighting BROWSE


Looking for inspiration on how to integrate adorne collection products into your home? Get ideas for everything from quick afternoon projects to total lighting makeovers, or follow the adorne collection on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook and beyond for even more brilliant solutions.

The Radiant Collection

Have a different style? Shop our sister collection.

Lighting controls, outlets and home automation that are a step above ordinary.

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