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Blogger Val from replaced all of her outlets and light switches and added wireless lighting from the adorne collection.

Read more from Valerie below:

A few months ago, we made the switch to Legrand wireless lighting. It took some time to learn just what this wireless lifestyle was all about. But now that we are past that learning curve, I’m never going back to life before! If you don’t remember my previous post about Legrand lighting solutions, you can check that out HERE. I had all of the outlets and light switches in our kitchen replaced with the outlets from the adorne collection. They were so sleek and pretty that I decided to update the outlets and light switches in our powder room too! The sleek design and incredible convenience of being able to control your home from my smart phone has me signing Legrand’s praises.

To read more and see all of the pictures from Val's home, continue reading on her blog> 

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