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Giving your guests a stay to remember is all about focusing on the details. Their first interaction with their room is turning on the lights; the second is charging their phone. Make your stake with that first impression.

With the adorne collection, a delicious array of natural finishes, vibrant colors, and ingenious charging, switching, and furniture power options await your guests during their next stay. You hold the power to show them a hospitality experience that’s convenient and intuitive.

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Hotels across the country are making a lasting impression with power, lighting and charging solutions that offer both convenience and vibrant design.  Click here to see for yourself.

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"I think the attention of detail, that sets them [Legrand] apart, the great design, and the really really excellent designs. We like that it's integrated into our casegoods, this is something we are always trying to hide, but the adorne collection, you really want to display it."
-Anna Dis Sveinbjorndottir Interior Desinger, CDA Interiors, LEED AP
"Edge cutting, it's fun, being able to customize it [wall plates and receptacles] is really great. This now is becoming jewelry on the wall. It's a great opportunity to call your eye to something that you need but let it be pleasant to look at. The wide variety of finishes and materials they offer allow for a designer to be more creative."
-Bob Sowell President/Partner, Destination Designs, LLC
"You immediately know that you're somewhere that respects design... For the nightstand fixture, the combination of the outlets and the USB, you might forget your charger part but you have your cable and having both those options is really important."
-Michelle Espeland Interior Design Leader, Cunningham Group

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