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Step 5: Select Options & Accessories

adorne offers a range of options, including USB charging ports, mobile and tablet cradles, and a Digital Music Kit. Each of these accessories provides flexibility in that it can be added or removed at any time – simply swap it with an existing outlet or blank module to increase your system capabilities.


Cradles do not occupy a module opening. Instead, they save space by resting on the back edge of the track.

15A Outlet Module 15A Outlet Module

MSRP $14.98

Provides two power outlets by snapping into any module opening. Tamper-resistant outlet is designed with a patented shutter system.

USB Outlet Module USB Outlet Module

MSRP $39.98

Provides two USB charging ports for devices such as mobile phones and tablets by snapping into any module opening. Charging cable not included.

Digital Music Kit Digital Music Kit

MSRP $279.98

Includes two speakers and detachable dock for smart phones or MP3 players. Requires two module openings.

Mobile Phone Cradle     Mobile Phone Cradle

MSRP $14.98

Attaches anywhere along track to hold a mobile phone.

Tablet Cradle Tablet Cradle

MSRP $19.98

Attaches anywhere along the track to hold a tablet.


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