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Legrand acquires Approved Networks, Champion One & US Critical

Company extends support of evolving mission critical IT space needs, continuing best-of-breed technologies into optical networking

Indigo-Clean functions effectively even while people are present, providing safe, continuous, germ-fighting protection.

Focused on providing quality networking solutions for the enterprise, cloud, healthcare, education and government markets. We offer optical transceiver, DAC and AOC solutions compatible with over 90 different OEM router, switch and server environments.

Focused on providing carrier grade optics for the largest global telecommunications, cable and MSO service providers. We offer a standards-based optical line of products that are NEBS certified, CLEI and TIRKS compliant. Champion ONE is responsible for lighting over 2,000,000 miles of fiber network in over 37 countries.

Focused on providing independent optical networking solutions for the world's largest data centers. We offer 100% compatible and certified optical transceiver, DAC and AOC solutions with data rates up to 400G. U.S. Critical provides a complete line of quick-turn copper and fiber cable solutions to meet any deadline.