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Cablofil & Mega Watt Provide Innovative Solution For Anchorage Convention Center

Cablofil Cable Tray - Easy to install and provides a clean, neat appearance.

The Challange

Built in 2008, the Anchorage Center is a world-class convention facility featuring a 25,332 sq. ft. ballroom with capacity for 140 booths, 1,800 banquet seats or 2,867 theatre-style seating. In addition, an exhibit
hall will accommodate 274 trade show booths, 3,408 banquetvseats or 5,000 as a theatre space. The flexibility of this open style will provide room for expansion as needed, with 10,372 sq. ft. of space for meeting rooms.

One of the major challenges for Mega Watt was the Center’s design for an open ceiling throughout the exhibit halls and all interior office spaces. All plumbing, HVAC and cabling would be exposed and were required to be installed in a neat and orderly manner. The design called for the ceilings and ceiling installations to be painted black after completion, to help reduce the visual clutter.


The Solution

Mike Kennedy, from Alaska Electrical Reps, and Cablofil Area Manager Pat Kirby had been discussing a new VE Plus program designed to promote the use of MC cable supported by Cablofil tray as a labor-saving alternative to traditional pipe and wire. Since this cable and tray system also provides a cleaner, more orderly appearance than MC cable alone, Kennedy and Kirby decided to present the idea to Mega Watt Electric. VE Plus is an innovative program that helps contractors reduce installation time for projects that would normally use traditional conduit and wire. By using MC cable supported by wire mesh tray and utilizing timesaving techniques, contractors can reduce labor substantially. “With the VE Plus program,” Kirby says, “we value engineer the project for our customers and show them how to lower their total costs.”

The Anchorage Civic and Convention Center is an excellent example of the growing use of MC cable supported by Cablofil tray. During the course of this innovative project, some 85 feeder lines were installed, including 600 MCM cables with vertical transitions up to ceilings 50 feet high and cable pulls up to 495 feet in length.