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About FAS Power Manufactured Assemblies for Branch Circuit Wiring

FAS Power Manufactured Wiring Assemblies 

Rough-in is fast and easy with FAS Power. Manufactured floor brackets slide under the sill plate with no vertical measuring needed. Wall brackets with pre-mounted boxes and rings quickly attach to the stud. And for fast job starts, FAS Power products are prepackaged and shipped to the requirements of the contractor.

Each FAS Power assembly includes:

  • Floor or wall bracket with one to four gang openings
  • Pre-installed boxes
  • Pre-installed plaster rings are available in 1/2" to 2" raise or adjustable style
  • Far side support arms
  • PlugTail or PigTail or Empty Box
  • M/C Cable in Increments
  • CJ6 wire manager

FAS Power can benefit you in many ways:

  • Fast job starts – FAS Power is packaged and shipped per contractor instructions
  • Reduced rough-in time – Boxes are pre-mounted and grounded
  • Pre-installed plaster rings – can be specified to fit any wall thickness
  • Painless inspections – All assemblies are ETL listed