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Certifications that are important in the Cable Tray/Cabling industry:
  • CSA: Canadian Standards Association Certificate of Compliance
  • UL: Underwriters' Laboratories
    Certification for UL Listing/Classification
  • DNV: Det Norske Veritas
    Type Approval Certificate for Use Aboard Ships and Mobile Off-Shore Vessels
  • E90: Fire Testing Certification
  • ABS: American Bureau of Shipping; "Type Approval" for use on ships
  • LAPEM: Allows use in plants of CFE
  • IMSS: Allows use in IMSS, the Mexican Public Health Care Institution, buildings.
  • Transport Canada
  • ISO International Standards Organization

  IEC 61537: Global Standard for Cable Trays
IEC 61537: Global Standard for Cable Tray Systems and Cable Ladder Systems for Cable Management
  • Wire mesh: historic presence within IEC 61537; acceptance in Industrial Applications.
  • IEC 61537 is gaining U.S. presence, particularly for Industrial Applications.
  • Cablofil® is the only U.S. tray manufacturer with an IEC 61537 certificate. Our IEC 61537 certificate is verified by our ICM Quality Manager for compliance with IEC 61537.
  • All Cablofil® products are tested to meet IEC 61537.Cablofil® meets all IEC load testing requirements, and we allow only half of the maximum deflection allowed by IEC 61537.
    (L/200 instead of L/100; L=support span)

  UL: Underwriters' Laboratories


Wiremesh Certification for UL Listing/Classification

Ladder Certification for UL Listing/Classification

Fiberglass Ladder Certification for UL Listing/Classification

Runway Certification for UL Listing/Classification

Cablofil® cable tray was tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for NEC compliance for use as an EGC (NEC is equivalent to NFPA 70)

  DNV: Det Norske Veritas

DNV Certification:

  • One of the most valuable certifications considered by ABS for Cablofil®'s ABS Product Design Assessment certification (July 2003)
  • DNV Type Approval certifies Cablofil® products for use on Ships and Offshore Vessels.
  • DNV tests for electrical continuity, effects of extreme temperature, shock, & vibration, and corrosion resistance.

E90 Fire Testing

E90 & E30 Fire Tests

  • Cablofil® cable tray tested with power and data cables for 30 minutes & for 90 minutes; passed both tests.
  • Cablofil® accessories are also certified

  ABS: American Bureau of Shipping

ABS Certification: Completed July 7, 2003

  • ABS verifies that products are manufactured consistently according to certain standards, and may be used onboard ships and offshore vessels.
  • Two phases of ABS certification:
    • Product Design Assessment - required for cable tray
    • Type Approval - required for some products, but not for cable tray (may be obtained voluntarily)
    • Like UL, ABS does not have a cable tray standard; ABS approved Cablofil® products based on our wide range of existing certifications, such as:
      • IEC 61537
      • NEMA/CSA
      • Shock & vibration testing to military standards
      • DNV

        Lapem Certificate
      LAPEM Certificate
      • LAPEM certifies Cablofil® products for use in plants of CFE (Comision Federal de Elecricidad) the Public Mexican Electrical Power Company
      • One of the most valuable certification in the Mexican market.
      • LAPEM tests corrosion resistance, electrical continuity, loading and global quality certification of the manufacturer.

        IMSS Certificate
      IMSS Certificate
      • IMSS certifies Cablofil® products for use in hospitals, health care centers and office buildings of the IMSS, the Mexican Public Health Care Institution.
      • To get this certification, Cablofil® products had to meet ANCE requirements, ISO 9001:2000 requirements, NOM (Mexican electric code) and the specifications of IMSS engineering Department.