Fire Rating
Cablofil® is the first manufacturer of cable tray to be certified E 30-E 90 according to DIN 4102-12: 1998-11.

In many cases the fire performance of an electrical system is the primary consideration. Understanding how components react when exposed to fire is essential. Cablofil® has been successfully tested and proven to meet all fire-safety requirements.


Standard DIN 4102-12
The German standard serves as the global reference, as it is the only standard available specficially referring to fire resistance for cable trays.

The German standard DIN 4102-12 specifies that the complete system of cable trays, accessories and cables must be tested in an oven measuring at least 3m long, for a period of 30, 60 or 90 minutes up to a temperature of 1000°C or 1832°F.

The aim of the test is to validate the correct operation of the electrical system and to ensure that the critical services (emergency lighting, fans, emergency exit, fire alarm, etc.) remain functional for long enough to organize rescue in the event of fire.
  A recognized, independent laboratory

The IBMB (Institut fur Baustoffe, Massivbau & Brandschutz) laboratory is certified to perform the tests and issue the corresponding certificates. It ensures that the test conditions described in standard 4102-12 are adhered to.

Test configuration

  • The standard Cablofil® range has passed the test.
  • The configuration used by Cablofil® is a cable tray of span 4.1 ft. (1250 mm). The maximum permissible load is 6.7 Ib/ft (10 kg/m).
  • The temperature rise takes place according to the temperature curve (ETK) defined by DIN 4102-12.
  • Mounting structure according to DIN 4102-12:1998-11


Cablofil®, the cable tray conforming to E 30-E 90
The surprising appearance of the cable tray after the test is quite normal. The mechanical properties of the cables and cable tray are impaired but they achieved their objective: to ensure the durablility of the installation for a given period.





> 30 min

E 30

> 60 min

E 60

> 90 min

E 90










After competitor tests
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