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Decision-Making Software

• Cablocad
• E-Catalogue
• Cablosoft

CABLOFIL has developed 3 types of decision-making software to guide users throughout every stage of the process, from design through the creation of the bills of material.


• CABLOCAD:  to help design installations
• CABLOSOFT:  to recommend a solution
• e-CATALOGUE:  to put together a technical specification and generate a request for quotation




Cablocad - 1

CABLOCAD is a plug-in for all versions of AUTOCAD.  It is a comprehensive resource containing all the CABLOFIL solutions and can be used to create a picture of the cable routing solution along with detailed information.  It also has the facility to integrate this solution into the wider design of the building and generates a detailed list of the products required (including quantities). 


Cablocad - 2


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e-CatalogueCATALOGUE brings together all the products and gives all the technical information required.  Once the products have been selected and the quantities specified, a technical specification is automatically generated, along with a quantitative description, which can be sent off for a quotation.


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CablosoftCABLOSOFT software makes recommendations to help ensure the right products are chosen and get the most out of them in terms of the cable routes at hand and the associated technical demands.  It generates a full list of products to be used for each section of the cable routes.






All of our software can be downloaded for free from

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