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Electrical Continuity

Sustainable development, once the preserve of legislators and governments, has become a fact of life for all stakeholders within society. Today's project managers, whether in an industrial, services or infrastructure context, need to respect the environment and consider the human impact of their actions. CABLOFIL is fully aware of these issues and behaves responsibly across all its sites and organizational structures. Legrand also extends this approach to its partners, with a view to developing a lasting commitment in this area.


The electrical continuity of a system is its ability to conduct electric current. Each system is characterized by its resistance R.

If R = 0 Ω, the system is a perfect conductor.

If R is infinite, the system is a perfect insulator.

The lower the system's resistance, the better its electrical continuity will be.

The Importance of Having Excellent Electrical Continuity
Electromagnetic Interference

Even at the same electrical potential each part of the cable tray helps dissipate any fault currents.

Tested for Electrical Continuity

CABLOFIL couplers

NEMA VE-1/CSA and UL standards state that coupler resistance must not exceed .33 mΩ. The test involves running an electrical current through the system (cable trays + couplers) and measuring coupler resistance.

Test Configuration
Test Results

Most CABLOFIL couplers are tested and compliant, see catalog or website for a complete listing of types and compliance.

Please contact our technical support service for the full results of these tests or information on stainless steel.