Fire Resistance

Safety is a major concern for everyone, but can only be achieved with knowledge of how electrical equipment behaves in the event of a fire. CABLOFIL has been successfully tested and proven to meet all fire-safety requirements.

Standard DIN 4102-12

The German standard serves as a reference. There is stil no European standard on fire resistance specifically for cable trays. The German standard specifies that the entire system of cable trays, accessories and cables must be tested in an oven which is at least 3 m long for a period of 30, 60 or 90 minutes at temperatures of up to 1000C (1832F).

Test Oven
Certification Chart

The test aims to verify whether the electrical system is working properly and make sure that sources of critical data (emergency lighting, ventilators, emergency exit, fire alarm, etc.) can resist long enough to provide assistance in the event of a fire. The test also proves system integrity to reduce impediments for fire protection personnel. The tray must be able to remain secured to the ceiling and keep both cable and structure from falling, which could block fire fighters' means of egress. Aluminum cable tray products cannot contain cables in event of a fire.

Test Configuration

CABLOFIL standard products passed the tests without the need to develop an extensive or specific range. The configurations used by CABLOFIL involve wire cable trays with two different spans (50" and 60") subject to a maximum permissible load of between 2 lbs/ft and 13.5 lbs/ft. The increase in temperature follows the temperature curve (ETK) defined by DIN 4102-12.

The E90 test does not in itself validate a wire cable tray, but validates the combination of CABLOFIL with a specific type of cable. This underlines the complexity, as well as the relevance, of these tests, which have already been passed by a number of cable types. Cables are tested in pairs.

The surprising appearance of the cable tray after the test is quite normal. The mechanical properties of the cables and cable tray are impaired but they achieved their objective: to ensure the durability of the installation for a given time.

Test Results
Recognized Independent Laboratories

The IBMB (Institut fur Baustoffe, Massivbau & Brandschutz) and FIRES laboratories are recognized centers for testing and issuing the associated certificates. They ensure that the test conditions described in the standard DIN 4102-12 are observed.

Before Test
During Test
After Test

CABLOFIL is certified to E90 for a number of configurations that meet the requirements of data transfer facilities designed to ensure the protection of property and people in the event of a fire. Below are 9 representative samples of the more than 20 configurations tested.