Food Industry Safety

Safety in the food processing industry is critical. Production lines must be kept clean. Even the smallest risk of contamination can result it operational losses and have dramatic repercussions for public heath and a company's image.

NSF Directives

NSF Directives set out methods and principles for managing food safety. The entire production process is subjected to a program of detailed and continuous analysis. Each stage of the various processes involved is scrutinized to identify any critical points and eliminate any potential dangers.

Complete Food Safety

CABLOFIL's structure (90% is completely open), with its smooth rounded wires and T-welded safety edge, minimizes the risk of dust and debris settling on surfaces.

Whether installed horizontally or sideways, CABLOFIL's transparency and excellent cable spacing make it easy to inspect the installation and check whether it is clean. Any animal matter or bacterial growth can be identified at an early stage.

Any pollution or unwanted proliferation can be eliminated by blowing, vacuuming or power cleaning. These steps can be taken on a regular basis or after inspections.

Similarly, all CABLOFIL accessories (brackets, spacers, couplers) have been designed with an aim of reducing dust and debris retention.

When installed sideways, Cablofi's structure further reduces the surface area on where dust and debris can settle. Conduits and wireways trap contaminants making them difficult to clean. They also provide hidden pathways for insects or vermin.

Sideways Diagram
On vats and silos
On conveyors
Welded onto machine frames
An Adaptable System

Thanks to its wide product range and numerous screwless accessories, CABLOFIL does not require any dedicated tools and quickly adapts to any installation method.

Premium Service

CABLOFIL is the world's leading wire cable tray and the preferred cable routing method of the major players in the food industry. It can be delivered quickly and is available either direct from the factory or from distributors. Specialist engineers offer advice on which products and installation method to choose, and can even help end-users design a specific solution.

Durability Guaranteed
ID Tags

CABLOFIL has two low-carbon stainless steel ranges (304L and 316L). These are pickled and passivated after manufacture, and are easily identified by their ID Tags. These alloys are highly resistant to the corrosion associated with cleaning processes or agents. As a result, CABLOFIL's installations are designed to last longer.