Selected References

Service Sector

  • Manchester Royal Infirmary - England
  • IKEA, Auchan, HSBC, BNP Paribas
  • World Trade Center, Brussels - Belgium
  • Dell Call Center, Edmonton - Canada
  • Sheraton Hotel, Burj Dubai Tower
  • Saint Louis University - USA


  • T2, Mexico DF Airport - Mexico
  • Rome Train Station - Italy
  • Underground rail tunnels, Sydney - Australia
  • Zhivopisny Bridge, Moscow - Russia
  • King's Dock Arena, Liverpool - England
  • Deutsche Telekom, Telmex

Heavy industry

  • Black Thunder coal mine - USA
  • Wolverine Tubes factory - Canada
  • Cemex factory, Italcementi
  • Lukoil - Russia
  • Noble Drilling Services - Singapore
  • Meridien Solar Energy Park, Siemens Wind Power

Processing industries

  • Bayer Healthcare, Sanofi Aventis
  • Ford/Magna Corp, Bombardier Transportation
  • Nestle, Danone, Unilever, Masterfoods
  • Chantiers de l'Atlantique - France
  • Gdansk shipyard - Poland
  • MT Mebratec - Denmark

In Cablofil They Trust
Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport, England, Terminal 5 (T5)

Terminal 5, which houses all of British Airways operations, has three satellites. These required more than 500 km of CABLOFIL cable trays to be installed from the public areas, technical areas, baggage conveyance areas and underground rail tunnels.

"Continuous improvements in quality can only be achieved if we are prepared to try new approaches. We will always use those products which create the most value for the customer", says Ron Haldane, who is responsible for quality assurance and continuous improvement at Amec Building and Facilities Services.

Las Vegas Dewatering Facility

No Room for Conduit at Las Vegas Dewatering Facility

Cablofil was used to fit a mountain of cables into a new dewatering facility in Las Vegas that allows water to be reclaimed from the sewage treatment process and return it to the environment.

Conduit was specified for the project, but the contractor needed a different way to support the myriad of control, signal and power cables. The project manager was quoted, "There were no straight long runs anywhere in the facility, with Cablofil tray, we would be able to construct the cable pathway to fit in the facility and put in turns and changes in levels wherever needed."

In many places, the tray was installed in three tiers--with signal, control and power cables each on a separate level to kee the pathway as compact and efficient as possible.