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Digital Lighting Management
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LMLS-600 Dual Loop Photosensor
Dual Loop Switching and Dimming Photosensor
The LMLS-600 is a dual loop photosensor that automatically switches or dims one zone of lighting based on ambient light and daylight levels. It has two silicon photodiodes with an extended range of 1-10,000 footcandles (fc) and features photopic correction to mimic the human eye’s perception of daylight. The LMLS-600 is part of a Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system and sends light level signals to control loads connected to DLM on/off or dimming room controllers.
Lighting Integrator Panel Enclosures
Lighting Integrator panel enclosures are designed specifically to work with all configurations of LI panel interiors containing 8 to 48 relays. The enclosures are provided with integral mounting studs that are configured to accept the panel interior making the installation quick and easy. Covers are secured to the tubs with screws and have keyhole style mounting. This allows the cover to be temporarily hung on the tub during the construction phase of the project. All covers have hinged doors that expose only the low voltage (Class 2) section of the panel and are equipped with key locks and two keys each. All Lighting Integrator enclosures are NEMA 1 rated. Consult factory for other NEMA rated applications.
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