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Digital Lighting Management
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Application Type
  • Commercial (112)
  • Residential (108)
  • 5mA (4)
  • 15mA (1)
  • 10 Amps (1)
  • 20mA (1)
  • 20 Amps (1)
Special Features
  • Infrared (IR) transceiver,LCD display and pushbuttons (6)
  • Plenum-rated controller (5)
  • NEMA1-rated enclosure (2)
  • UL 2043 Plenum Rated (2)
  • Browser-based interface,Power LED,RJ45 Ethernet port (1)
  • Battery operated,5 control buttons (1)
  • Compatible with DLM occupancy sensors,single pole heavy duty relays (1)
  • Includes unity gain antenna; consult factory for additional attenna options. AES 128-bit encrypted payload protection provides secure data delivery. (1)
  • Dual Loop Photosensor (1)
  • Digital Infrared Commissioning Device (1)
  • Battery operated,2 control buttons (1)
  • 20A controllers with linevoltage relay(s) (1)
  • 2 RJ45 ports,Plug n’ Go configuration,Push n’ Learn functionality (1)
  • 2 RJ45 ports,DIN rail mounting plate (1)
  • 3A controller with line voltage relay and 0-10V dimming (1)
  • 2 RJ45 ports, RoHs compliant, UL 2043 plenum rated (1)
  • Available for interiors sized for 8, 24, or 48 relays, also GE-12 interior size. Compatible with legacy installed switches and control devices; legacy occupancy sensors (with LMIO-201) (1)
  • 7-LED dimming level indicator, Low voltage switch (1)
  • Power supply for DLM fixture controllers; supports 2 DLM local networks and provides segment network connectivity (BACnet MS/TP) (1)
  • Power supply for DLM fixture controllers and power booster for zone controller (1)
  • Power LED,Quick disconnect 4-pin power connector (1)
  • RoHS compliant, LED status indictors (1)
  • Works with analog occupancy sensors; sensors require power pack or power supply. Auxiliary relay for cycling power to connected sensors. (1)
  • UL and cUL listed and labeled (1)
  • Two RJ45 ports with hinged dust cover,U L 2043 plenum rated,RoHs compliant (1)
  • Infrared (IR) transceiver,LCD displays (1)
  • Infrared (IR) transceiver, LED status indicators (1)
  • Infrared (IR) transceiver (1)
  • Infrared Transceiver, 4 control Buttons, each with LED Status Indicator (1)
  • Manual Control of Lighting Load (1)
  • Low Voltage (1)
  • Infrared transceiver,1 RJ45 port (1)
  • Digital Occupancy Sensor (7)
  • Digital Room Controllers (4)
  • Digital IR Remote Control (3)
  • Digital Plug Load Room Controller (2)
  • Lighting Integrator Standard Low Voltage, Lighting Integrator Complete Control (2)
  • Digital Partition Interface (1)
  • Digital Occupancy Sensors (1)
  • Digital Partition Switch (1)
  • Digital Photocell Input Module and Analog Photocells (1)
  • Digital Power Booster (1)
  • Accessories (1)
  • Digital Input/Output Interface (1)
  • Digital Fixture Controller (1)
  • Digital Dimming Wall Switch (1)
  • Digital Network Bridge (1)
  • Digital 5-Button Scene Switch (1)
  • Digital IR Ceiling Mount Receiver (1)
  • Multi Zone, Open loop (1)
  • Lighting Integrator Panel Interiors (1)
  • Lighting Control Panel (1)
  • Network Component (1)
  • Single zone (1)
  • Single Pole (1)
  • Serial Data Interface (1)
  • Enclosure for LMSM Segment Manager, NB-ROUTERs and NB-SWITCHes (1)
  • Digital wireless configuration tool (1)
  • Digital Wall Switches (1)
  • Single Zone, Closed Loop (1)
  • Digital Zone Controller (1)
  • Enclosure for LMSM Segment Manager (1)
  • DLM Segment Network to IP Router (1)
  • DLM Global Network Switches (1)
Typical Applications
  • Open Offices, Conference/Training Rooms, Classrooms, Executive Offices, Lobbies, Corridors and Gymnasiums (3)
  • Conference Rooms, Training Centers, Lecture Halls, Private Offices (2)
  • Private Offices, Open Offices, Conference Rooms, Lunch/Break Rooms (2)
  • Healthcare, Office Space, Classrooms, Retail, Training Centers (2)
  • Hotel, Conference Center,Ballrooms,Meeting Rooms, School Multi-use Rooms (1)
  • Office Building Lobbies, Corridoors, Loading Docks, School Gymnasiums, Hallways (1)
  • Hotel and Conference Center, Ballrooms, Meeting Rooms, School Multi-Use Rooms (1)
  • Open Office Spaces, Computer Rooms Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Warehouses (1)
  • Offices, Conference Rooms, Classrooms (1)
  • Large Offices, Computer Rooms, Kindergarten Classrooms, Aisleways, Warehouses, Open Offices (1)
  • Conference Rooms,Training Centers, Auditoriums, Theaters (1)
  • Conference Rooms, Private Offices, Open Offices, Classrooms (1)
  • Conference Rooms, Private Offices, Classrooms, Computer Rooms (1)
  • Conference/Board Rooms, Classrooms, Training Centers (1)
  • Athletic field houses or maintenance shed; multi-building, single story campus; campus-wide building links; parking garage building; multi-building corporate campuses; interior link replacement; and controls retrofit applications. (1)
  • Conference/Training Rooms,Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Executive Offices, Restaurants (1)
  • Conference/Board Rooms, Classrooms, Training Centers, Private Offices (1)
  • Small Private Offices, Executive Offices, Small/Medium Conference Rooms, Lunch/Break Rooms (1)
  • Small Offices, Conference Rooms, Lunch/Break Rooms (1)
  • Retrofit (1)
  • Spaces where coordinated control of lighting and other loads is desired (1)
  • wall and ceiling-mounted IR-enabled DLM devices are not within direct line of sight of the occupant using the IR remote control, or are not close enough to the user (1)
  • Typical applications for scheduled control, where legacy panels are often used, include office building lobbies, corridors, loading docks, etc., as well as school gymnasiums, common areas and hallways. (1)
  • Spaces with skylights, Warehouses, Big box retail stores (1)
  • Restrooms, Open Office Areas (1)
  • Private and Open Offices, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Training Centers, Lunch Rooms (1)
  • Parking, Site and Landscape Lighting (1)
  • Open Offices, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Warehouses (1)
  • Private and open offices, conference rooms, classrooms, training centers, lunch rooms and break rooms. (1)
  • Private Offices, Open Offices, Lunch/Break Rooms (1)
  • Private Offices, Open Offices, Conference Rooms, Classrooms (1)
  • Private Offices, Cafeterias, Classrooms Atriums, Lobbies (1)
Voltage Rating
  • 24VDC (23)
  • 120VAC, 50/60Hz (3)
  • 120/277VAC, 50/60Hz (2)
  • 24VAC/VDC (2)
  • 120/277/34VAC, 50/60Hz (1)
  • 120/277V 60 Hz, 120/347V, 60 Hz, 240V 50 Hz (1)
  • 115/277VAC, 60Hz (1)
  • 120/230/277VAC, 50/60Hz (1)
  • 120/277/347VAC (1)
  • 120VAC, 60Hz (1)
  • 12-24VAC or VDC (1)
  • 24 VDC (1)
  • 120/277VAC or 347VAC; 50/60Hz (1)
  • 120/277VAC; 50/60Hz (1)
Sensor Technology
  • Passive Infrared (3)
  • Dual Technology (3)
  • Ultrasonic (1)
Sensing Range
  • 1000 Sq. Ft. (2)
  • 2000 Sq. Ft. (1)
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Wattstopper LMIR-100
IR Ceiling Mount Receiver

The LMIR-100 Digital IR Ceiling Mount Receiver provides an infrared (IR) interface so that...

LMCS Interface
LMCS Software and DLM Computer Interface Tools
LMCS-100, LMCI-100

LMCS software provides industry professionals with important commissioning documentation, an...

Wattstopper Connected Services RACCESS
Connected Services

RACCESS is the first offer within Wattstopper’s new Connected Services suite of remote...

Wattstopper LMRC-210
On/Off/0-10 Volt Dimming Room Controllers
LMRC-210 Series

LMRC-210 Series Digital Room Controllers include one, two or three relay(s) to switch a total of...

Panel Retrofit Kits

The LMCP retrofit kits provide a simple upgrade option to existing Wattstopper Lighting...

DLM Network Component Enclosure

The LMNC is a surface-mount NEMA1-rated enclosure with DIN rails for mounting DLM network...

Wattstopper LMRH-102
2-Button IR Remote Control

The LMRH-102 Digital 2-Button IR Remote Control is a handheld on/off personal control device for...

Wattstopper LMUC-100 Ultrasonic Ceiling Mount
Ultrasonic Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

The LMUC-100 low profile Digital Ultrasonic Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor uses ultrasonic...

LI/LMCP Emergency Relay Panel Option

The LI/LMCP Emergency Relay Panel Option provides certified fail-safe operation of lighting...

Digital Power Booster

The LMPB-100 Digital Power Booster includes a high-efficiency switching power supply for powering...

Wall Switches
LMSW-100 Series

LMSW-100 Series Digital Wall Switches are low voltage devices for energy-saving manual on/ off...

Enclosure for LMSM Segment Manager

The LMSM-ENC1 is a surface-mount NEMA1-rated enclosure with a DIN rail for mounting one LMSM...

Intelligent foundation of a DLM system
On/Off Room Controllers
LMRC-100 Series

LMRC-100 Series Digital Room Controllers include one or two relay(s) for on/off control of a...

Wattstopper LMPL-201
Plug Load Controller

LMPL-201 includes a 20 amp relay for on/off control of connected outlets, and a high-efficiency...

LMLS-600 Dual Loop Photosensor
Dual Loop Switching and Dimming Photosensor

The LMLS-600 is a dual loop photosensor that automatically switches or dims one zone of lighting...

Wattstopper LMPC-100 PIR Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor
PIR Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

The LMPC-100 low profile Digital PIR Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor uses passive infrared (PIR)...

PIR Corner Mount Occupancy Sensor

The LMPX-100 Digital PIR Corner Mount Occupancy Sensor uses passive infrared (PIR) technology and...

Analog Sensor Input Module

The LMIO-201 Analog Sensor Input Module is a single channel low voltage analog sensor to Digital...

DLM Niagara Driver
Niagara AX Driver Module

The Niagara AX driver module for Digital Lighting Managment (DLM) streamlines BACnet device and...

Zone Controller

The LMZC zone controller provides power and connectivity to Digital Lighting Management (DLM)...

Devices to supplement DLM devices for added functionality
Pre-Terminated Cables and Segment Network Wire

LMRJ Series cables, couplers and splitters connect Digital Lighting Management (DLM) components...

Wattstopper LMPL-101
Plug Load Controller

LMPL-101 Plug Load Controllers include a 20 amp relay for on/off control of connected outlets,...

LMDW Series Wall Switch Sensors
Dual Technology Wall Occupancy Sensor
LMDW-100 Series

LMDW-100 Series Digital Dual Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors use PIR and ultrasonic...

Wireless Network Bridge Series (BACnet, LonWorks, Ethernet)

The Wireless Network Bridge family extends BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, LonWorks, and Ethernet...

LMPW Series Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors
PIR Wall Switch Occupancy
LMPW-100 Series

LMPW-100 Series Digital PIR Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors use passive infrared (PIR) technology...

Dimming Wall Switch

The LMDM-101 is a low voltage device for dimming control of one or more lighting loads.

Segment Network to IP Router

The NB-ROUTER provides a connection point between a single Digital Lighting Management (DLM)...

Wattstopper LMRH-101
Dimming IR Remote Control

The LMRH-101 Digital Dimming IR Remote Control is a handheld personal control device for...

Photocell Input Module

The LMIO-301 photocell input module is an accessory for a networked Digital Lighting Management...

On/Off/0-10 Volt Dimming Fixture Controller

The LMFC-011 Fixture Controller mounts in individual lighting fixtures to give them connectivity...