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Lighting Control Panel Systems
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LEGACY - Network Repeater
The NR-110 Network Repeater adds a network segment to a Watt Stopper lighting control panel network. This increases the number of lighting control devices and the wiring distance supported by the network. Each network segment supports an additional 64 devices and extends the network’s maximum wiring distance (see Wiring Segment Specification chart below). The Network Repeater may be installed in any location along the network, and is most suitably installed inside a Watt Stopper lighting control panel.
LEGACY - ACP-Net Networked Control Panel
The ACP-Net automatic control panel creates an intelligent lighting control system through seamless communication of automatic control panels, automatic relay packs, and other networked devices. The ACP-Net incorporates all the standard ACP features, and since it is networked, it allows any switch, occupancy sensor, photocell, etc. to control any relay or group of relays in the system. This versatility makes the ACP-Net easy to use and allows it to change or expand with facility needs.
LEGACY - RR Low Voltage Relay
This low voltage relay is used for control of lighting and other electrical loads in The Watt Stopper’s Lighting Integrator lighting control panels. Momentary, low voltage pulses from the panel’s control system switch the relays on or off. Pulsed operation results in minimal power consumption. A mechanical latch and positive action provides stable operation; the latch holds the relay state after the control pulse has passed and retains the state in the event of a power outage. Typically, users specify the number of relays and the panel is assembled and shipped with this number of relays.
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