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Need the convenience of Internet access in a specific location in your home? This project shows you how to install a data connection outlet that makes connecting as simple as plug and surf.

Category:  Computer networking 
Skill level: Easy

Offers a single data network connection for computer or digital television service.

Location: Living room, bedroom, kitchen and basement 

Parts Checklist

[1] RJ-45 Cat 5e Insert, White (WP3450-WH)
[1] 1-Port Wallplate, White (WP3401-WH)
[1] 1-Gang Retrofit Low Voltage Bracket (AC1009-01)
[1] 4-Port 10/100 Router/Switch (364772-02-V1)
Tools You'll Need
Drywall saw
Wire cutters
Tape Measure
Fish tape
Stud finder
Cat 5E cable
Cat 5 stripping tool
Punchdown tool

Step 1: Determine location for the data outlet and router

• Mark the location where you want your data connection.
• Typically, this should be on an inside wall at outlet height (although it may be located at light switch or any other height depending on your application).
• Using the stud finder, choose a location for the outlet in a stud cavity that does not contain HVAC, plumbing or major high voltage wiring.
• Determine the location of where you want your router to be located.
• You can mount your 364772-02-V1 router or 3rd party router in an existing enclosure or add a new enclosure. Typically, the best location to mount your enclosure and router will be in a basement, attic, or closet.

Step 2: Cut mounting hole

• The data outlet will be installed in a low voltage bracket (AC1009-01).
• Draw a rectangle (2 1/4” wide by 3 3/4” high) at your marked location and cut the drywall.
• Insert your retrofit low voltage bracket into the hole and use a screwdriver to secure the bracket with the flip out wings.

Step 3: Run cable to the data outlet

• Run a single Cat 5e cable from the enclosure location to the data outlet location.
• Cut the Cat5e cable to an estimated length from the enclosure to your new outlet location.
• Using the fish tape run a single Cat5e cable from the enclosure to the data outlet location by feeding it through a hole drilled in the wall top or bottom stud where the new outlet will be located.

Step 4: Connect cable to outlet

• At the data outlet location, strip the Cat 5e cable and use the punch down tool to terminate the cable on the RJ45 insert.
• Snap the terminated cable into the 1-Port Wallplate and mount in the outlet bracket. 
                Punch & Go Tool                 Step 4: Connect cable to outlet

Step 5: Connect cable to switch/router port

• Feed the Cat5e cable into the enclosure where the router is located.
• Strip the cable and use crimp tool to terminate the Cat5e into an EZ-RJ45 end.
• Plug the cable into a switch port on the switch/router.
• Then plug in routers power supply into the duplex outlet near the router or at the bottom of the enclosure.
• Check that you have Internet access at your remote data outlet.
• Re-secure the front enclosure cover with the provided hardware. 

                Step 4: Connect cable to outlet                 Step 5: Connect cable to switch/router port

Step 6: Connect to the Internet through your new data outlet