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This project shows you how to install a TV connection outlet anywhere in your home for simple plug-and-view convenience with any TV.

Category:  Video
Skill level: Simple
Description:  Offers a connection for cable TV service
Location: Living room, bedroom, kitchen and basement 

Parts Checklist

[1] Video F-Connector, White (F3401-WH-V1)
[1] 1-Port Wallplate, White (F3481-WH-V1)
[1] 1-Gang Retrofit Low Voltage Bracket (F9060-01-V9)
[1] 14" Enclosure with Screw-On Cover (364902-01-V1)
[1] 1X8 Enhanced Passive Video Splitter/Combiner (VM1002) 

Tools You'll Need

drywall saw
wire cutters
tape measure
fish tape
stud finder
coax crimping tool
coax stripping tool
F connectors
RG6 cable 

Step 1: Determine location for the TV outlet and video distribution module

• Mark the location where you want your TV connection.
• Typically, this would be on an inside wall at outlet height (although it may be located at light switch or any other height depending on your application).
• Using the stud finder choose a location for the outlet in a stud cavity that does not contain HVAC, plumbing or major high voltage wiring.
• Determine the location of where you want your video distribution module to be located.
• You can mount your video distribution module in an existing enclosure or add a new enclosure. Typically, the best location to mount your enclosure and video distribution module will be in a basement, attic, or closet.

Step 2: Cut the mounting hole

• The TV outlet will be installed in an low voltage bracket (AC1009-01).
• Draw a rectangle (2 1/4” wide by 3 3/4” high) at your marked location and cut the drywall.
• Insert the low voltage bracket into the hole and use a screwdriver to secure the bracket with the flip out wings.

Step 3: Run cable to the TV outlet

• Run a single RG-6 Quad Shied (RG6QS) coaxial cable from the enclosure location to the TV outlet location.
• Cut the cable to an estimated length and feed down from the attic (or up from the basement) through a hole drilled in the wall top (or bottom) stud to the enclosure location and the outlet location.

Step 4: Connect cable to outlet

• At the TV outlet location, strip the coax cable using the coax stripping tool and crimp the "F' connector plug using the coax crimping tool.
• Then connect to the rear of the “F” connector insert ((WP3481-WH). Snap the insert into the 1-Port Wall Plate (WP3401-WH).
• Mount the Wall Plate on to the low voltage bracket.

Step 5: Connect cable to video distribution module

• Feed the coax cable through the top opening of the enclosure (364902-01-V1).
• Terminate the cable with an RG-6QS “F” connector.
• Plug connector into the one of the output connectors of the video distribution module.

Step 6: Connect main video source in enclosure

• A coax cable carrying the providers video signal (cable or satellite TV) will then need to be brought into the enclosure where your video distribution module is located.
• Terminate the cable with an RG-6QS “F” connector and plug into the input connector of the video distribution module.
• Check that you have a video signal at the remote TV outlet.

Step 7: Watch your favorite TV show in your new location