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Cablofil offers training programs featuring the latest in labor saving installation methods in cable management. With webinars and online self-help learning, Cablofil has a variety of courses that will provide you with the training that meets your specific needs. From continuing education credits for BICSI to ElecTech contractor and distributor training that earns credits for merchandise, Cablofil will help you meet your goals, stay current, and increase productivity.

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Live Courses
Cablofil Product Line Overview

A presentation on the merits of using Cablofil wire mesh cable tray. Also, a hands-on demonstration of how to cut and form bends with Cablofil Tray.

Ladder Tray Product Line Overview

An overview of the Ladder Tray Line of products including Ladder, Center Spine, Channel and Cable Runway cable management products.

FAS Power Line Overview

Learn how FAS Power pre-fabricated electrical assemblies reduce labor costs up to 50% from the experts.

Cablofil Training Webinars
Cablofil Product Line Changes for 2010

An overview of recent product additions and changes to the Cablofil, PW Industries and FAS Power product lines.
Get Started. – 38:40

Cablofil Training Videos

An overview of Cablofil wire mesh tray and its applications.
Get Started. – 2:15

Designing the System

How to design a wire mesh cable pathway using design tools from Cablofil.
Get Started. – 1:30

Beginning the installation

Proper cable management pre-planning tips help reduce installation mistakes.
Get Started. – 5:50

Cutting the Tray

Cutting wire mesh tray properly reduces sharp ends and makes for a safer installation.
Get Started. – 1:00

Forming the Tray

An overview on creating sweeps, bends and tee junctions using Cablofil accessories.
Get Started. – 4:00

Splicing Tray Sections

Learn which Cablofil splice method is best for your application.
Get Started. – 2:00

Support Systems

An overview of Cablofil supports for ceiling, wall and underfloor applications.
Get Started. – 4:40

Installing Cables

Cables can easily pulled into the Cablofil cable pathway using FAS Roller.
Get Started. – 1:35

Cable Accessories

An overview of some the most used accessories from Cablofil.
Get Started. – 1:25