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Upcoming Training and Webinars


Upcoming Live Training Courses:

Live Technician Certification Course - 7 BICSI Credits

A one-day course that provides field technicians with hands on copper, optical fiber and pathway installation practice.  Required testing and documentation guidelines for warranties will be reviewed in addition to recent developments of TIA standards that may impact installation guidelines.

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Live Management Certification Course - 14 BICSI Credits

A two-day course that provides a contractor's top-level managers with the latest information pertaining to emerging technology, telecommunications industry standards, project management related design, installation, testing and troubleshooting best practices.

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Upcoming Online Courses:

eCertification Online Course - 5 BICSI Credits

A 7 module course that reviews installation best practices for copper, optical fiber and physical support. The sessions will take you from site preparation through testing and warranty submission.

Upcoming A/V Webinars:


A/V Webinar Recaps: 

Introduction to MATV Design and Application

Tuesday, August 23rd at 1:00pm EST

Not so long ago the practice of incorporating a roof-mounted antenna system or CATV feed, modulating local video sources and injecting them into the antenna feed, and distributing the resulting RF signal to multiple displays was a common element in communications system design. Over the last several years, the change to a digital broadcast system and attendant deployment of HDCP encrypted signals, the proliferation of streaming video sources, and the rise of personal portable devices has moved the art of MATV design and installation into the background of the A/V industry. You may be surprised to find, contrary to common belief, that MATV design and installation is far from the dead technology many would have you believe. In fact, RF distribution remains a vital element of contemporary digital signage infrastructure and has countless additional applications in the design of premise media systems. Add in the ability to access dozens of free HDTV and digital radio channels from a simple, fixed antenna and there has never been a stronger argument for having MATV design and installation in your bag of tricks.

In this seminar participants will be learn about the contemporary RF spectrum, including recent changes that redefine the concept of a “channel.” We will explore fundamental MATV concepts including RF power levels and the dBmV (decibel-millivolt) unit of measure, RF equalization, taps, splitters and the need to balance an MATV distribution system. From schools to office buildings to sports bars to residential installations, the importance of fully incorporating broadcast capabilities into any A/V design will only grow in importance. At the completion of this seminar, participants will have a solid understanding of why MATV is critical, how it has changed in recent years and what concepts must be mastered to turn opportunity into profit.

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USB for AV Applications

Tuesday, October 4th at 1:00pm EST

If it says “interactive” you can bet that USB is being leveraged. From interactive white boards to touch-surface flat panel displays and interactive projectors, they all feature USB connectivity as a core technology. Learn to specify, integrate and troubleshoot USB technology, including a deep understanding of how these systems work and why they might fail. Your future success depends on it!

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HDBaseT Deep Dive Technology Exploration

Tuesday, October 11th at 1:00pm EST

This presentation is the next step after Digital Video at Length – Successfully Extending Uncompressed Digital Video. We’ll continue the discussion about uncompressed digital video extension technologies with an in-depth look into the newest IEEE standard, HDBaseT. We will look very carefully at the operating parameters of HDBaseT technology including a review of PAM16, eye patterns, and the digital payload. We will explore RFI and EMI in the installation environment and present solutions that help mitigate the challenges of noisy commercial environments. This presentation will look at HDBaseT 5-Play features and will carefully review HDBaseT Lite, HDBaseT, and Valens Colligo™ HDBaseT optical solutions. If you need to come up to speed on all things HDBaseT to make a good design, installation or purchase decision, this is the presentation you’ve been waiting for.

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