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  • Make sure you provide enough cord length for wet-niche pool fixtures.

August 2009

Sec. 680.23(b)(6) was completely reworded in the 2008 Code cycle to provide a more detailed explanation of the requirements for servicing this type of pool fixture. It now requires that the forming shell location and the length of cord in that shell allow placement of the removed luminaire onto a deck or other dry location for maintenance. It also requires that the "maintenance location be accessible without entering or going in the pool water."

  • You no longer can install Type NM cable in conduits located in wet locations above ground.

July 2009

A new section, Sec. 300.9, forces this restriction by stating that the interior of such conduits are considered a wet location and therefore the insulated conductors and cables installed in these raceways must comply with Sec. 310.8(C) Wet Locations.

  • Be careful when using dwelling service conductor sizing table.

June 2009

Even though Table 310.15(B)(6) in the 2008 NEC lists the required size of the service conductor per service size, you can use it only for 120/240V, single-phase, 3-wire systems and not for single-phase, 3-wire services derived from 120/208V, 3-phase, 4-wire systems, where just two of the three phase conductors are used, along with the neutral. The problem with the derived single-phase system is that the neutral conductor carries neutral current, even when the two phases are balanced.