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How much can you save with Legrand Lighting Controls?

Lighting is the second largest user of electricity in commercial buildings — and the third largest in homes. Legrand lighting ontrols put you in command of that energy consumption, enabling you to cut usage and save money.

Save with Dimmers

Dimmers turn power on and off 120 times per second, varying the percentage of the time power is actually flowing to lamps. The greater the off time, the lower the light intensity, and the greater the energy savings. Dimming enables lamps to run cooler, so they last much longer for additional savings.


Light Level

Electricity Saved

Lamp Life Extended

90% 10% 2x
75% 20% 4x
50% 40% 20x
25% 60% Greater than 20x



Save with Sensors

People often forget to turn off lights, but Sensors always remember - so lights never stay on very long once a room's unoccupied.


Residential - Typical Reduction in Lighting Usage

Laundry Room 30-40%
Bathroom 40-50%
Garage 30-40%
Bedroom 40-50%
Closet 20-30%
Pantry 20-30%


Commercial - Typical Reduction in Lighting Usage *

Room Energy Waste 5-Minute Time Delay 20-Minute Time Delay
Break Room 39% 29% 17%
Classroom 63% 58% 52%
Conference 57% 50% 39%
Office 45% 38% 28%
Restroom 68% 60% 47%


* Occupancy Sensor Study conducted by NEMA



Save with Timers

Timers are ideal for electrical loads that need to keep running for a predictable interval - with an automatic shut-off that doesn't require people to be present or remember.


Common Timer Applications*

Device Daily Run Time Monthly Savings
Pool Pump, 1 hp 12 hrs instead of 24 hrs $35
Block Heater, 1500 Watts 2 hrs instead of 12 hrs $40
Quartz Floodlight, 500 Watts 4 hrs instead of 12 hrs $11


* State price of energy $.09 per kilowatt hour