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LumiPowerâ„¢ Solar Umbrella with USB Charging

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
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What models are available?
The LumiPower Solar Umbrella is available in Malibu and Newport. Both styles feature a 9.5 foot octagonal canopy. For more information, visit
What items should I expect to receive when I order one?

Each LumiPower Solar Umbrella comes complete with the following:

• Umbrella frame
• 9.5 foot octagonal canopy in your color choice
• Eight pre-attached solar panels
• Charging hub with three USB ports
• Bottom locking collar for extra security

What colors are available?
The LumiPower Solar Umbrella is available in black, taupe, natural, forest green, Mediterranean blue, linen, logo red and Tuscan. All fabrics are durable and marinegrade by Sunbrella, the leader in performance outdoor fabrics. Custom options are also available. For more information on colors and fabrics, click
Will it work with the furniture I already have?

You can install the umbrella into any standard patio table with an umbrella hole, as long as the hole has a diameter of at least 1.5 inches. There’s no need to purchase new furniture.

Can I just order the solar panels and/or charging hub to attach to my own umbrellas?

No, each umbrella is sold as a package with all of the components you’ll need. The LumiPower Solar Umbrella is designed to work together as a system, and the pieces cannot be sold separately.

Once I order, when can I expect my umbrella to arrive?
Your umbrella should arrive within three works after you order it. However, large orders may take additional time. For more information on delivery, click
How fast can the battery hub charge devices?

The battery hub of the LumiPower Solar Umbrella can charge devices as fast as a wall outlet. The USB ports are rated at 2.1A each.

How many mobile devices can I charge at once?

The LumiPower Solar Umbrella has three weatherproof ports that can charge up to three mobile devices simultaneously.

What kind of devices can I charge?

Smartphones, tablets and other USB-supported devices can all be charged by the LumiPower Solar Umbrella.

How do I know when my device is fully charged?

You can tell when your device is fully charged by checking the battery level displayed on the device screen, just as you do with a wall outlet.

Is there a way to tell how much power is left in the battery hub?

The LumiPower Solar Umbrella features an LED display  on the battery hub that indicates the level of available solar energy.

Do the chargers work at night or when there is little sunlight available?

Yes, the battery hub can hold a charge for 6-16 hours once it is fully charged. As long as it receives sunlight at some time in order to gain a charge, there’s no problem using it when sunlight is not available.

Once my device is fully charged, does it shut off?

Yes, the LumiPower Solar Umbrella automatically shuts off power once a device is fully charged. This means it won’t waste energy or damage device batteries.

What is the max output (V and Amps) power from the USB ports?

Each USB port outputs a maximum of 5V x 2.1A.

What is the battery capacity in kWh?

The battery capacity is 54W.

What type of solar cells do you use?

The LumiPower Solar Umbrella uses monocrystalline panels rated at approximately 3.375W per panel.

How do I turn it off?

You can turn off your umbrella by manually turning the switch on the bottom of the charging hub from ON to OFF.

How durable is the LumiPower Solar Umbrella?

Very durable. The LumiPower Solar Umbrella's commercial-grade frame has been specifically engineered to house our groundbreaking solar technology and meet safety standards.

Can the LumiPower Solar Umbrella withstand strong winds?

In strong winds, a 150lb base or extremely heavy table will keep the umbrella secure. However, since user error and wind damage are not covered under the warranty, we recommend closing the canopy and using the ties to add additional protection. The LumiPower Solar Umbrella has been tested in winds up to 50mph, but we recommend umbrella canopies are lowered in winds above 35mph.

How durable are the canopies?

The LumiPower Solar Umbrellas canopies are custom-sewn to secure the solar panels in place. We use Sunbrella fabric, which comes with a 10 year warranty. To maintain the warranty, we suggest closing the umbrella canopy during extreme weather.

Warranty & Maintenance
What is the warranty program?

There is a one year warranty on the hub, which is the industry standard for similar devices. The canopy has a 10 year warranty.

The umbrella got damaged by the wind. Will it be covered under warranty?

Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover wind damage.

Can I order replacements if the parts arrive damaged?

Yes. If the damage is not under warranty, customers can order replacement parts.

How do I take care of my LumiPower Solar Umbrella?

The best way to take care of your umbrella is to follow these tips:

• Brush the canopy
• Wipe down the hub with water only
• Remove and store indoors in severe weather
• Always take down canopies in moderate-high winds

Is the LumiPower Solar Umbrella secure enough for a public setting?

The umbrella is difficult to remove without special tools, so it is generally safe in public spaces.